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Top Ocean Freight Forwarders In India, USA & Worldwide

Companies constantly create new rankings lists and methods to evaluate the market for freight forwarding.

However, an objective look at the market will reveal that top freight forwarders play an outstanding role in the transportation industry's movement on a global basis and technological capabilities. Consider the leading freight forwarders in India and their abilities to transport ocean cargo.

Kuehne + Nagel

With revenues at $18.59 billion, and a workforce of 92,372 workers, Kuehne + Nagel operates from its headquarters in Schindellegi, Switzerland, and has offices in over 1,336 locations around the world in 109 countries.

Kuehne + Nagel works in air and sea freight, focusing on IT-based logistics, and is the top forwarder on this list of the leading freight forwarders that move nearly 5 million sea containers every year, on average.


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Freightwalla is responsible for the world's market share in logistics and transports, an average annual volume of many cargo containers.

Sinotrans Ltd

Sinotrans has a market capitalization of $3.2 billion, with its total revenue is $11.7 billion. It operates from its headquarters in Beijing, China, and Sinotrans employs 36,441 employees.

The foundation of Sinotrans's business model is terminal and storage services and trucking, shipping, and express and shipping. The company is listed as the top freight forwarder due to its capacity to transport more than 3,360,300 ocean containers each year and its vast capabilities in other modes.

Expeditors International of Washington

Expeditors generate $8.138 billion in sales and employ 17,400 people. Expeditors operate from its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, and has a presence in 357 sites in over 60 countries, transporting an annual average of 1,167,820 ocean containers each year, propelling this firm into the top ten freight forwarders list. Air and ocean freight, cargo insurance, storage, and distribution are among their services.

Bollore Logistics Inc.

Bollore Logistics is another of the top ten freight forwarders globally specializing in maritime shipments. The firm is based in France and transports 864,000 marine containers each year.

Bollore has created a reputation for offering in-depth experiences. The firm is always trying to integrate the Bollore Group, bringing together these major corporate brands: Bollore Ports, Bollore Logistics, Bollore Railways, and Bollore Energy.

Conclusion :

In logistics, this is an exciting time. Rankings may vary as the top freight forwarders in India go through the epidemic. Regardless, digital freight forwarding businesses should turn to these organizations for direction and assess how to compete by leveraging a digital platform. Visit Freightwalla today to sign up for such a platform.

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