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How Sea Freight to India Is Benefiting with an Improved Logistics Infrastructure

Today, as India is experiencing a rapid economic growth consequently the freight forwarding industry in India is growing in tandem. Evidently to help promote economic growth in India, investing in developing its logistics and transportation infrastructure is essential. With highly developed and technology helmed freight forwarding services the country can continue on its path towards being a more industrialised nation. In order for any nation to develop fully it must be well manoeuvred with transport links that make international freight more seamless and cost-effective.

Sea Freight to India is one of the best choices offered to the nation among the ample choices between a large number of modes of transport by road, rail and air. The demand for logistics and transportation infrastructure is rising and there are great improvements in the industry possible with technology and innovations. It is an excellent opportunity for freight services companies and shipping companies to promote sea freight to India.

Sea transportation or sea freight to India is managed by the Shipping Corporation of India, which is a government owned company. You will find that it also manages the marine transport infrastructure in India. Amazingly, it owns and operates much of all Indian tonnage and services the requirements of both national and international freight. Sea freight transport infrastructure in India is certainly looking up to great future with continued investment and expansion.

Sea freight to India has undergone a sea change with better roads, airports and streamlined custom processes. In recent years, there are many practices that are favourable for imports and exports in India. India is no doubt, among the fastest growing economies of the world and there is a beeline of manufacturers creating a niche in the world market.

No doubt sea transportation has been the first choice for shipping companies in India. With a total 50 small and major port that handle freight services and more than 90 percent of shipping is done via seaways. In addition the two major ports are Mumbai and Navi Mumbai ports that are calculated to handle more than 70 percent of the total job.

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