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Van Gogh imája ― Молитва Ван Гога ― Van Gogh's Prayer

During his time as an assistant preacher under the Rev. Thomas Slade-Jones in Isleworth, England, in summer 1876, Vincent wrote to his brother Theo (Isleworth, Saturday, 26 August 1876), “Not a day goes by without praying to God and without speaking of God, not only praying but also admitting to it, not only speaking but also holding fast to prayer, Father I pray not that Thou shouldest take me out of the world, but that Thou shouldest keep me from the evil. ‘O Lord, join us intimately to one another and let our Love for Thee make that bond ever stronger’.
My speaking of Him is nothing much as yet, but with God’s help and blessing it will get better. I have confidence nowadays, but there is greater confidence than this, and greater Love and greater strength to act and to do what is right, a greater yielding to a stronger urge, a better and more profound searching for God and doing His will with a simpler, better and humbler heart, and that’s what I hope for.”
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Vincent van Gogh Винсент Ван Гог, Wheatfield with Crows (Korenveld met kraaien) / Пшеничное поле с воронами (1890), oil on canvas, 50.2 × 103 cm. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Van Gogh imája

Csatavesztés a földeken.
Honfoglalás a levegőben.
Madarak, nap és megint madarak.
Estére mi marad belőlem?

Estére csak a lámpasor,
a sárga vályogfal ragyog,
s a kert alól, a fákon át,
mint gyertyasor, az ablakok;

hol én is laktam, s nem lakom,
a ház, hol éltem, és nem élek,
a tető, amely betakart.
Istenem, betakartál régen.

Először megjelent: Vigilia. 1971. dec.

Pilinszky János Янош Пилинский János Pilinszky

Van Gogh imája: Kis Majom előadja...

Pilinszky Janos : Van Gogh imaja / Előadja: Pethő Kincső
Pilinszky Janos : Van Gogh imaja / Előadja: Pethő Kincső02:45

Молитва Ван Гога

Разгром в полях. За воздух бой.
Птицы и солнце, снова птицы.
Останется что от меня
до вечера? Свет длится.

А к вечеру лишь фонари,
саманная стена горит,
и как аллея из свечей
окон сиянье изнутри;

где жил и я, и не живу,
и дом уже не дом мне больше,
крыша, что укрывала… Ты
укрыл меня давно, мой Боже.

Перевод с венгерского: Майя Цесарская

Van Gogh's Prayer

Lost battles in the fields.
Conquest in the sky.
Birds, sun and again birds.
What will remain of me by the evening?

By the evening just the row of lights,
and the yellow mud-wall will shine,
and from under the gardens, through the trees,
the windows are like rows of candles, bright;

where I used to stay, and I don’t,
the house I lived in, and I don’t,
the roof that sheltered me.
My God, you used to shelter me.

Translated from the Hungarian by Nagyné Ullrich Katalin

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