Кирилл Харитонов
Кирилл Харитонов
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God bless Mickey-Lenin! Lenin is always here... ― Ленин всегда с тобой...

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Alexander Kosolapov Александр Косолапов, Mickey-Lenin (2002), bronze with a golden brown patina, 127 cm. Artist’s Collection, New York, NY, USA

Day by day the years are going
Hundreds of new generations
Only shit and only fool
Can forget the name of Lenin

Lenin is always here
Lenin is always near
Lenin can help us like Chip and Dale

Lenin is hot Golfstream
Lenin is cold ice-cream
Lenin's boyfriend of my dream

Lenin is Santa-Claus
Lenin is Mickey Mouse
Lenin is Happy New Year

Несчастный случай Алексей Кортнев...

«Несчастный случай» — «Lenin is always here»
«Несчастный случай» — «Lenin is always here»03:00