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Международный день джаза... ― International Jazz Day...

Clifford Brown’s death in a car accident at the age of 25 was one of the great tragedies in jazz history. After his death, Benny Golson composed "I Remember Clifford," a moving tribute to the young trumpeter. It has become a jazz standard...

Milt Jackson & Benny Golson & Art Farmer & NHOP - I Remember Clifford
Milt Jackson & Benny Golson & Art Farmer & NHOP - I Remember Clifford07:23
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Clifford Brown at his August 28, 1953 session for The Clifford Brown Sextet (Blue Note) at Audio-Visual Studios, New York City. Art by Iconic Photographer Francis Wolff

Памяти Клиффорда Брауна
Иосиф Бродский Joseph Brodsky

Это — не синий цвет, это — холодный цвет.
Это — цвет Атлантики в середине
февраля. И не важно, как ты одет:
все равно ты голой спиной на льдине.

Это — не просто льдина, одна из льдин,
но возраженье теплу по сути.
Она одна в океане, и ты один
на ней; и пенье трубы как паденье ртути.

Это не искренний голос впотьмах саднит,
но палец примерз к диезу, лишен перчатки;
и капля, сверкая, плывет в зенит,
чтобы взглянуть на мир с той стороны сетчатки.

Это — не просто сетчатка, это — с искрой парча,
новая нотная грамота звезд и полос.
Льдина не тает, словно пятно луча,
дрейфуя к черной кулисе, где спрятан полюс.

февраль 1993

In Memory of Clifford Brown

It's not the color blue, it's the color cold.
It's the Atlantic's color you've got no eyes for
in the middle of February. And though you a coat,
you're flat in your naked back upon the ice floe.

It's not a regular ice floe, meltdown-prone.
It's an argument that all warmth is foreign.
It's alone in the ocean, and you're on it alone.
And the trumpet's song is like mercury falling.

It's not a guileless tune that chafes in the darkness, though;
it's the gloveless, frozen to C-sharp fingers.
And a glistening drop soars to the zenith, so
as to glance at the space with no retina's interference.

It's not a simple space, it's a nothing, with
alts attaining in height what they lose in color,
while a spotlight is drifting into the wings,
aping the ice floe and waxing polar.

Translated by the author (The New Republic, Dec. 11, 1995)

Clifford Brown's Solo... "Wee Dot" by Art Blakey Quintet, recorded live at Birdland Jazz Club, New York, 1954:
Art Blakey (drums);
Clifford Brown (trumpet);
Lou Donaldson (alto saxophone);
Horace Silver (piano);
Curly Russell (bass).