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How To Find The Best Pants For Your Body Type!

Why is it that shopping for pants, out of all the clothing items, feels so difficult? Ugh. It can feel overwhelming to find the perfect size for you and the right style for your personality to find plus-size pants that are "good enough". It would be wonderful if the pants made you smile. Feels good wearing believes that "good enough" is not enough. We go out of our way every day to provide a wide range of pants that fit all sizes and shapes of plus-sized bodies. Continue reading to find answers to common questions.

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Are all plus-size pants the same?

No. There are many options for plus-size pants in terms of cuts, style rises and fits. What is the downside to having so many options? It can be difficult to find the right fit. It can be difficult to narrow down your choices if you don't know your body shape or what cuts and styles work best for you.

What are the most popular plus-size body shapes?

There are many body shapes, but the most popular among plus-size women is the pear, hourglass, or apple shape. Pear-shaped women have a wider bottom than they do on top. This includes a larger backside and thighs. If a woman is curvy, her bust and hip measurements are approximately the same and they have a smaller waist and easily defined waist, it's considered an hourglass figure. An apple tends to have most of her weight on the top. Her hips are the largest part of her body and her legs are longer and thinner.

What plus-size pants look the best on me?

When you are trying to decide what type of clothing you should wear, it is important to identify your body shape. A pair of pants that work well for a pear, hourglass, or apple may not be suitable for another. Shopping for your body shape means that clothes should work for you. This will allow you to highlight the parts you love and draw attention away from those you don't.

What styles of plus-size pants look best when worn with a pear shape?

A pear-shaped body would love the straight-leg pants. It is looser in the thighs, gives the illusion of having longer legs, and gives you the appearance of having a straighter line from your hip to your ankle. A pull-on plus-size pant with stretch might be more comfortable for pears that have a fuller back.

What styles of plus-size pants are best for an hourglass figure and what style pant styles do they look the best?

Straight-legged pants, like pears, are a great choice for hourglasses with full figures. An hourglass woman, like a pear, has larger hips. Wearing pants that reach the ankle or more is the best way for the illusion of longer legs.

What style of plus-size pants looks best with an apple shape?

A woman with an apple shape wants to appear curvy. Wear smooth, slim-fitting pants that hug your hips from the waist down to the ankle. This can be done by pairing a chic tunic top or belted cardigan that defines your waistline with a sleek tunic top. For apple women who want to balance their proportions and draw attention away from their middle, high-waist straight jeans for plus size are a great option.

Are plus-size pants available in petite?

Contrary to what many people think, petite vs. long actually refers only to your inseam (the length of your inside leg), and not your waistband. Petite pants generally have an inseam of 23-31. Feels Good Wearing offers a wide range of plus-size petite women's pants in variety of styles and cuts. We believe that clothes should be made for everyone, regardless of their weight or shape.

Plus-size pants should not be limited to bright colors and patterns.

While dark colors and solids are best for curvier bodies, it is not a bad idea to wear them on the bottom. However, you should know how to balance your look. To balance out your look, wear a bright pattern on the bottom. Pair it with a solid color such as black or dark grey.

Do not waste time worrying about what plus-size pants will be "good enough." Dress up this season and you'll never be the same when shopping.

Our passion is to offer fashion-forward individuals the latest trends at great prices.