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An affair with a model or how I found out what a webcam

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Spring 2002, I was 24 years old, still a young programmer with no family. In between jobs, I liked to get into chat rooms, where I met girls. I also had a profile on a dating site. One day I received a letter from a girl who wanted to meet. We exchanged photos and liked each other. In the beginning we just corresponded. One day the girl told me that she worked as a webcam model. I didn't know what it was at that time and I got interested. Later we had our first romantic date, walking around the city, hugging and kissing. The girl was very pretty, with red hair and a slender figure. She also had breasts somewhere between number 3 and 4. I was curious about her work and she told me a lot of interesting things about how the business was set up. At that time they were working from the office, apparently this was due to the equipment and a good Internet connection.

Later on I started to visit her in her chat room when she was free from work and we chatted. Sometimes she would turn on her camera for me and we had almost a lively conversation.

But I didn't dare go any further than walking around. Do you know why? I was so captivated by the idea that I wanted her to start chatting with me online as a client. I was a very romantic young man at the time and thought it was abnormal. And since I couldn't admit it and didn't know how to act further, I carefully curtailed our romance. And the girl was nice, she was a fool, maybe something worked out for us.