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When should you Hire a Contractor?

You don't want to spend more money on expertise than you need. If you are tackling a complex project, you should not hire a general contractor. If a project is completed in less than a week, a handyman/subcontractor will likely be able to do it.

A General Contractors Bellmore NY is required if the project takes several weeks and requires permits, inspections, and multiple skilled professionals. Consider a major remodel like siding or roofing. Then you require a reliable contractor for Long Island Siding or Long Island Roofing.

You plan to knock down the wall between your kitchen and dining area, replace your range with a cook top and wall oven, add a warming drawer, prep sink, and built-in wine fridge, upgrade your flooring, and revamp your lighting.

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Plumbers, electricians, drywall, tile, window and window installers, carpenters, and painters are all needed. It is also important to plan and schedule the delivery of supplies and appliances, so everyone has what they need for the various stages of the project. Your county might require you to obtain a building permit, as well as electrical and plumbing inspections at different points.

You don't need to be an expert in building methods, project management, or local building regulations unless you have lots of time. A General Contractors Bellmore NY will coordinate and oversee all activities. So if you want reliable and tension-free remodeling work, then you should surely opt for a general contractor.

Looking for a general contractor in New York?

Consider Express Home Improvement Corp., which operates in multiple locations in New York, so if you're looking for General Contractors Merrick NY, General Contractors Syosset NY, or General Contractors Bellmore NY. Visit our website at

Honesty and integrity are the core of our company's mission. No matter the size of the project, we strive to provide honestly, quality products and services.

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