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Platinum Labware

Platinum laboratory https://crucibles-platinum.com/ items are the main component in carrying out a variety of laboratory studies and experiments. High-quality and high-tech products are able to withstand hydrochloric, sulfuric and nitric acids. Moreover, they canserve the consumer for a long time. That is why, choosing a reliable manufacturer is important for efficient work.

Russian platinum labware can definitely be rate as one of them. We specialize in the manufacture of platinum laboratory utensils for laboratories and laboratory supply companies. Qualified specialists have been working in this field for many years and are ready to produce products not only from platinum, but also from platinum-gold, platinum-rhodium, iridium, palladium and so on.

Our company provides a wide range of products: platinum crucibles and lids for them, platinum high crucibles with reinforced rim, platinum wide crucibles, platinum dishes, with a spherical bottom and reinforced rim, platinum pallets, platinum tips for tweezers and tongs, platinum gauze electrodes and other platinum laboratory items. For your convenience, the site contains all the necessary information. You can see a scheme of the equipment, including the height, diameter and other characteristics. Also there is a table that is updated daily on the product page. According to it, you can calculate the cost of theitem. It consists of the article of a particularequipment, technical characteristics and current prices for the material.

Shipment is provided in two delivery options: all included and economy. In the first case, the client shouldn’t worry about customs clearance, customs duties payment and calculation of expenses. All of these concerns is taken by Brinks Company. It also transports labware items directly to your place. The second way is more convenient if you want to save money. However, customs clearance is needed to be fill by yourself.

The platinum laboratory products are transported in special containers which made of wood. They are completely safe and already include in the shipping price. Containers could be different sizes, it depends on weight of equipment. On the site you also can calculate precise cost of your order. The cost of insurance is 0.6% of the estimated value of the cargo.

Custom clearance is significant point which should take into consideration. Before purchasing one or another position, the client needs to know about customs duties in its country, if the documents are required or any other legal items.

Russian platinum labware is located in Yekaterinburg, Russia, however, thisdoes not prevent the distribution of products around the world at an acceptable price.Besides, high Russian standards help to achieve the best results and provide the consumer with truly reliable products.

Another distinctive feature of the company is ourcustomer focus. We are happy to reproduce any platinum laboratory utensil according to your special requests. If you have a draft, we will come it true.

Our products are of the highest quality and most reliable. Try it and make sure.

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