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Edward Singh
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Latest Mobile Phones and the Importance of Mobile Application Development

Do you step out of your house without your mobile phone? No right? That shows the importance of the latest Mobile Prices these days. Mobile phones have gained importance in the field of communication and information technology.

The first generation mobile phones were introduced by the Motorola Company in 1983. These phones used analog technology. This is less reliable as compared to digital technology. Analog Technology phones face noise interference problems. People were not able to take these phones anywhere as we do these days. These were permanently installed in a specific area.

After few years, phones became mobile, that is you can take them wherever you want. These come under second-generation mobile phones.

Second generation phones used digital technologies and it was faster and smaller in size as compared to analog phones. However, the sizes of the mobiles were very huge, inconvenient to handle it.

Third-generation phones are what we use today!

A major difference between the second generation and third generation is, it can handle different kinds of tasks like e-mails, Instant messages (SMS), downloads, high-resolution cameras, etc.

A phone just makes and receives a call. But a smartphone provides advanced features; it will have an operating system installed which does all these tasks.

The Mobile Prices in Pakistan application development plays an important role in making a phone into a smartphone. Ten years back people used to walk to the Internet centers to send e-mails, capturing photos, or do any other tasks. But today's world has changed. You can send/check e-mails, instant messages, making a call, browse, attending virtual training, mapping navigation in a single click by your mobile. Isn't it a smartphone?

Mobile application development is the process of developing mobile applications. These applications are normally installed on the mobiles during manufacturing. These devices are ready to use. Windows mobile is one of the smart operating systems for mobile phones from Microsoft.

Mobile application development platforms include

-iPhone Application Development;

-Android Application Development

-BlackBerry Application Development,

-Symbian application and

-J2ME etc.

A mobile application developer is the one who made Mobile Phone Prices more popular than laptops in today's world.