DR Fistone
DR Fistone
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What did you think of when you first saw you on the Madden cover?

I sat there and said, 'Man, you still got cheap mut coins it. I did something right. This is the advice I give to players that are similar to Derrick Henry and Saquon Barkley: Do it right. If you're successful at first, you will be remembered forever.

The Madden curse isn't going to affect you in the moment you think?

The Madden curse? [Laughs.] It's not going to affect me.

You weren't playing with yourself in Tecmo Bowl. Do you plan to play with yourself in Madden?

I'm not sure. The thing I'm currently doing is spending lots in time playing with my brand new grandchild. That's why I'll likely buy the game and save that for. But I'm looking forward to seeing it come out. Believe you me, I'll be carrying my stash of Madden games to give out for Christmas gifts.

The Madden 22 Bo Knows Legends release continues with the second set of player-specific cards arriving on Ultimate Team. In the first edition players were able to acquire all-time greats including Dan Dierdorf and Bruce Smith. EA will add four additional legends to the roster, like the former Pro Bowl quarterback Randall Cunningham and Super Bowl champion Mike Singletary. Let's look at who will be available in the game.

A new wave of Madden 22 coins for sale Bo Knows Legends players cards will be released in on the Ultimate Team mode, giving new options for defense and offense. Each card will be an overall card with 94. The release will feature former Eagle QB, Randall Cunningham.