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The Beauty of Split Shank Diamond Wedding Rings

If you are looking for engagement rings, why not choose split shank diamond rings in Dallas, TX? These rings are beautiful to look at as the band divides as it approaches the center stone. You can have bands with two, three, or four strands, which can have spaces between them or be interwoven.

In the majority of split shank engagement rings, the shanks unite under the finger while in others, the shanks remain split all around the finger. Regardless of the design of the bank, you will find that split shank diamond engagement rings are striking to look at and they are available in many variations to suit individual tastes of people.

Versatile Rings

Split-shank diamond rings are extremely versatile as they come in a range of options and variations. These rings can be dramatic or simple, depending on what you want. The space between the strands can be customized or you can choose a classic design.

Durable Rings

If you intend to constantly wear your wedding ring, you need a stone setting that will keep the center stone secure. Split shank prong set diamond rings in Dallas, TX could be a setting to choose if you lead an active life. This setting will hold the center diamond in place and ensure it does not get loose.

Sparkle and Glimmer

If you are looking to add more sparkle to your split-shank diamond wedding ring, why not opt for something unique? You can go with split shank pear cut diamond rings in Dallas, TX. The center stone can have smaller diamonds around it, making the rings more elegant and striking. This could be the right choice for couples who do not want to do away with the band.

Bespoke Rings

One of the best parts about split shank diamond rings is that you can customize your ring to suit your budget and taste. Whether you want a prong setting, princess-cut, emerald-cut, or pear-cut diamond, this design can be tastefully customized. So, you will end up with an engagement ring that is truly yours and one-of-a-kind.

In Conclusion

It is best to remember that when you choose a split-shank diamond ring as your engagement ring, the shape and carat weight of the center stone will determine the proportions of the ring. Bigger diamonds can easily have more splits with greater depth whereas smaller diamonds will look more elegant with fewer splits and lesser depth. That is something you can discuss with your chosen jewelry store when you are customizing your split-shank diamond engagement ring.