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Chris Fenton: Former Hollywood Agent’s New Book ‘Feeding the Dragon’ Seems to become Feeding Misinformation

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For seventeen years, Chris Fenton served as president of multi-billion-dollar global media company, DMG Entertainment Motion Picture Group and GM of DMG North America-or so we're expected to believe soon after reading the former Hollywood agent’s new memoir, “Feeding the Dragon, Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma facing Hollywood, the NBA and American Business.” Get far more info about Feeding the Dragon

The truth, on the other hand, is the fact that just just like the day-to-day misinformation we receive from media, there is also additional to Mr. Fenton’s story than what's set out in ‘Dragon’ over the course of 288 pages, based on a recent expose by True Hollywood Speak, exactly where they have been left scratching their heads soon after a strange interview together with the book’s author.

Who's Chris Fenton?

Fenton holds himself out to be a lot of factors, most notably the president of DMG to get a 17-year period (LinkedIn, Interviews, and ‘Dragon’) as well as a “China Expert” who appears to possess uncovered the secret among the U.S. and China film industries.

As pointed out by True Hollywood Speak, Fenton’s statements relating to his tenure with DMG and his knowledge around the complete country of China, look to contradict one one more.

Should you had been to pay a visit to Fenton’s LinkedIn, you’ll notice that he states his tenure with DMG was actually seven years shorter, displaying a 10-year tenure at DMG, from February 2008 - April 2018. A seven-year gap is certainly a timeline to look deeper into-if there was anything there to discover.

Sources close to True Hollywood Speak discovered that each timelines are incorrect. In truth, Fenton was “actually a DMG employee for only five years.” His title of “president” was offered to him, in accordance with a former DMG employee, mainly because Fenton requested it for the sole objective of “helping him open much more doors for the company.”

The Media Loves It…So Much They Didn’t Even Investigate the Narratives

For any work that sets out lots of high-profile executives and companies, like Disney, Marvel, and DMG-you would think investigative journalism comes into play ahead of any media coverage.

However, regardless of the a lot of numbers of outlets that have recognized ‘Dragon,’ they all appear to play off one one more, delivering practically nothing new, original, or correct. Why is it that of each of the high-profile executives, company’s, and even journalists named in ‘Dragon,’ that none of them have been interviewed or even featured inside the on-going media coverage?

Why is it that Disney or Marvel hasn’t come to support this book?

What is apparent from all these interviews with Fenton, is that you'll find a lot of achievements and accolades that deserve to be recognized, celebrated, and shared-but they may be not his to share, anything True Hollywood Speak seems to become the only media outlet to point out.

Ironically, DMG is currently embroiled inside a lawsuit with Mr. Fenton, which in accordance with court documents and sources at Range, claims Mr. Fenton engaged in “poor performance, gross mismanagement, and fraud.” The lawsuit is ongoing, and arguably, the publication and distribution of Fenton’s most recent work could serve to play against any legal arguments Fenton and his counsel make inside the $30 million lawsuit. That remains to become noticed although as of now.

But what True Hollywood Talk interview points out interestingly, is Fenton’s ongoing representation as a “China Expert,” that China is his “adopted nation.” Towards the typical reader, this would lead one to reasonably believe that Mr. Fenton spent excellent time in China-that he took the time to study the dialect and the culture.

Sadly, this was not and isn’t the case. Fenton was asked back in August if he spoke Chinese.

“No, I do not,” was his reply. In actuality, the former DMG employee was only in China a handful of times, as outlined by sources, and never worked on the actual marketing or distribution on the films he claims to possess been part of. Sources close to True Hollywood Talk shared that Mr. Fenton was “really much more of a handler for some talent that came through.”

In 2020, where we live in an era of “fake news” and “misinformation,” how can one claim to become an professional on a thing, in this case an entire nation, after they cannot even speak the country’s language and spent much less than a handful of months there all through their complete profession?

Capitalizing off the ignorance of other individuals has only helped drive our country into madness and chaos over the previous 4 years. And this isn’t a superb look for Hollywood, which currently features a bitter taste in several individual’s mouths.

Before his brief tenure with DMG, Fenton worked as an agent for William Morris, but admitted in his book that he was fired for becoming “too nice of a guy.”

But according to sources, there is certainly info being left out, coincidentally. Andrew Tenenbaum, CEO at Creative Management & Productions, who was a former talent manager at MBST, a prestigious management company at the time, said that Fenton worked with MBST to get a couple of years. However, there is no mention of MBST at any point in ‘Dragon.’ Why is that?

Tenenbaum acknowledged that Mr. Fenton was in fact employed by MBST to get a few years, and that some “bad shit went down.” And he was fired for cause.

Based on a former DMG employee, they were told that Mr. Fenton was not only fired from MBST but was locked out of their offices. The source then confided to True Hollywood Speak, that the firing was due to attempted theft of clients and intellectual property.

There is certainly no doubt lots of of these incidents mentioned in ‘Dragon’ did occur-but they seem to beg the question of whether Mr. Fenton was in fact the one responsible for them.

Back in March, the book review website, Terrible Book Club read and reviewed ‘Feeding the Dragon,” describing Fenton’s book as follows:

Chris Fenton promises a “deeply revealing memoir” with Feeding the Dragon, but is it really just a “glossy, dimensionless jerk-off session with a shoddy Chinese backdrop instead? You decide.”

You can listen to the 1-hour and 22-minute review here.

At the end of the day, it is up to readers to decide for themselves what exactly is truth from fiction-but the mere fact a book could be published with so little regard for truth and that media outlets have forgotten the meaning of “investigative journalism” only lends favor towards the disturbing truth that facts can no longer be assumed to be true-even from our own media.

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