Deron Freeman
Deron Freeman
Deron developed the grass roots skills of civil motion practice, file development, client relations, litigation preparation, and the essentials of criminal prac
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Deron Freeman: A Journey from Familial Challenges to Legal Triumph

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A Transformative Moment in Deron Freeman’s Career

In 2005, Deron Freeman faced a defining moment that would alter his career path dramatically. Fired by his father, Donald Freeman, from the family law practice, Deron found himself at a crossroads. What initially seemed like a devastating blow turned out to be the catalyst for his remarkable success. Sitting in his office at The Law Offices of Deron Freeman on Linden Place in Hartford, Deron reflects, "He really did it as a favor."

Educational Foundation and Early Career

Graduating from the Western New England School of Law in 2000, Deron Freeman embarked on his legal career in his father's practice. Although this initial job provided valuable experience, his father's decision to let him go pushed him to realize his full potential. "I doubled my salary," Deron recalls, highlighting the unexpected benefits of his newfound independence.

Building His Own Law Firm

Today, Deron Freeman runs a highly successful law firm that serves approximately 1,200 clients. With a team of three associate lawyers, eleven paraprofessionals, and one administrative assistant, the firm handles a diverse range of cases, including criminal, civil, and personal injury matters. The office, located in the same building as his father's practice, symbolizes the family's ongoing legal legacy and professional camaraderie.

The Freeman Family: A Legacy of Legal Excellence

Deron Freeman is the second oldest of four children born to Donald and the late Bertha Freeman. The Freeman family boasts a rich heritage of intellectual curiosity and athletic talent. All three sons – Justin, Deron, and Brandon – pursued careers in law, while their sister, Nikia, became a psychologist. In their Windsor home, debates and disagreements were settled in a courtroom-like setting, with Donald Freeman presiding as the judge. This unique upbringing instilled a strong sense of logic and evidence-based argumentation in Deron.

Academic Success and Athletic Passion

Deron's journey through law school was marked by ease and success, thanks to his upbringing. "I found myself able to digest case law very easily because I grew up with that system of logic in place. I never had a fear of public speaking. It just came naturally," he explains.

Athletics also played a significant role in shaping Deron's character. His father was an accomplished football player at Morehouse College and was drafted by the Detroit Tigers for baseball. Although Deron dreamed of a career in professional baseball, he ultimately chose to follow his father's footsteps into law, with baseball as his cherished Plan B.

Comprehensive Legal Services

The Law Offices of Deron Freeman have established a reputation for excellence and dedication in Hartford. The firm's comprehensive legal services reflect Deron's commitment to justice and client satisfaction.

Criminal Defense: The firm is well-known for its robust criminal defense services. Deron and his team have successfully defended numerous clients, ensuring their rights are protected and justice is served.

Civil Litigation: The firm excels in civil litigation, handling disputes ranging from contract issues to property disagreements. Their meticulous preparation and strong courtroom presence make them formidable advocates for their clients.

Personal Injury: Personal injury cases form a significant part of the firm's practice. Whether dealing with car accidents, medical malpractice, or workplace injuries, Deron's team is dedicated to securing fair compensation for their clients.

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Integrity and Dedication: The Core of Freeman’s Practice

The Freeman family's approach to law is grounded in integrity and dedication. Deron Freeman embodies these values, maintaining high standards in his practice. His journey from being dismissed by his father to leading a successful law firm is a powerful narrative of resilience and commitment to justice.

The Future of Freeman’s Legal Legacy

Deron Freeman's story is one of perseverance and triumph. From his early days in his father's practice to establishing his own successful firm, Deron's journey is inspirational. With a solid family foundation, academic success, and a passion for justice, he continues to make significant strides in the legal field. As he serves his clients with unwavering dedication, Deron Freeman's legacy will undoubtedly inspire future generations of legal professionals.

Deron Freeman
Deron developed the grass roots skills of civil motion practice, file development, client relations, litigation preparation, and the essentials of criminal prac