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What is Webinar Marketing?

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We all know for sure about the effects of COVID-19 on all kinds of businesses around the world. The fact that we accept this reality as the "new normal" is the way forward.

While there are many ways to generate and grow marketer leads, webinar marketing is one of the most relevant ways at the moment. One of 99 company statistics states that a single webinar can get you 1,000 leads at once.

We know this number will excite you, so we came up with this blog that will answer all your questions about the paid webinars and how you can be an exceptional webinar host.

Let's get into the details of webinar marketing!

What is Webinar Marketing?

The webinar, derived from the term "web seminar", is a novel and trending marketing form used to connect and engage with audiences around the world. The concept of webinar presentation for marketing is gravitational at scale because it allows you to reach your target audience (TA) at their and your convenience.

This marketing method involves online sessions where you can introduce your product/service to your audience, sell to some extent, and allow your audience to ask questions about your offerings.

Compared to the short time this marketing technique has been in the market, webinar conversions are huge. Webinars are alive and kicking and how! For this and many other reasons, we bring you the ultimate guide to webinar marketing.

The time has come to incorporate events and switch to an online format. The proliferation of online events is huge.

Methods to Select a Topic

You have decided to conduct an online seminar. But, choosing an item to present at this virtual event is one of the most important decisions to make. You want to give interesting, informative information and ultimately confirm the lead generation. Therefore it is important to make sure that you cover the amount and substance of your audience’s concerns. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal webinar topic.

Check with sales teams

Your seller team will have no information about your buyer's persona. Insights that your customers and opportunities can identify if they need webinar service will definitely help you. Checking with your sales representatives can help you understand what works best for your sales funnel and how you can find a solution if anything.

See popular blog posts

People actively participate in well-written content. They are constantly interested to know what is trending. Your audience is already interested in the topics covered by popular blog posts, and referring to them will guide you in choosing the topics to cover. This will lay the foundation for you to rely on the information they already know and give you the right insights through this live event.

New Marketing trends

Virtual seminars engage each attendee in the information that is old, trending, or not yet discovered. A great way to choose a webinar topic is to cover concepts that are not yet in trend and have the potential to become a topic of discussion in the near future. In this way, you introduced a new trend to your audience and gained their trust.

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