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Email Marketing Checklist

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Carefully design your content

Your email campaign will not be understood if your content is not remembered. As customers are now more aware of what they are eating, it is its job to provide what catches their attention. Therefore carefully crafting your email content is included in this email marketing checklist.

Keep the language profession still simple

The productive content re-try strategy is to have content that is unique to your business, yet simple to read and understand. The real art of describing your submission is how easily you can break down complex concepts so that your readers can understand them effortlessly.

Avoid using too many industry terms

Another mistake companies make is incorporating too much terminology and industry terms into their content. There is no harm in doing this if the target audience does something like that. If the reader does not understand what the business is trying to describe, there is no point in it being a well-written piece.

Highlight your interests

Your content is one of the opportunities to impress your audience. Do not waste it by talking about concepts that are not important to you or your audience. Highlight your interests instead. Cover all the benefits they get if your audience invests in your offering. This point should not be missed in your email marketing checklist.

Do not do this

There is a fine line between selling sound and being informative. As a marketing manager, you need to find your balance between the two. Because when your content reflects that you are trying to sell your offering, unknown opportunities about your business may not even want to know about it. Therefore, you need to be very careful when creating your email content.

Improve your email design

Optimizing and polishing your email design should also be a part of your email marketing audit checklist. If you have a template, creating good content is not enough to test its usability. To check how practical your email is, perform the following activities.

Check your UTM parameters

You should check all your UTM parameters in your Email Marketing Checklist and see if they work well. This means that if your audience's navigation is tracked on your website or landing page, you need to keep track of all the actions they take on the links and if there are any other such activities.

Test your links

The email copy has a landing page and sometimes even multiple links, in both cases, it is necessary to test those links. To make your email copy look professional and neat, it is important to check all the elements on it especially if your links are working well and give the desired output.

Review your email on different devices

Another critical step included in your email marketing checklist is to review how your email looks on different devices. This should be done so that your customers do not misinterpret your email message due to its layout.

Track and analyze

Implementing an email campaign is not the whole point of the activity, the main goal is to gain dominance through the process. Therefore tracking and analysis is the last but important aspect of this email marketing checklist. Here are some things to keep in mind when tracking and analyzing your campaigns.

Automate email return

The list of errors to look for in email marketing automation is huge. But not making your emails automatically is a very common mistake. Despite the growth in the digital age, some companies are still settling into the old-school method of email marketing. Companies do not want to do this, this feature is included in this email marketing checklist.

Monitor click-to-open rate

An effective email marketing strategy involves monitoring the open rates of your emails as well as which links in your emails are clicked and tracked. It lends itself to keeping relative content.

Find bounced emails

This email marketing best practices checklist also addresses why bouncing emails is essential. You need to understand how many contacts are true in your list and filter out the irrelevant ones.

The Email Marketing Checklist mentioned above is the most accurate guide to help you run a successful campaign. To find out how we plan an email marketing strategy for B2B companies, contact Deck 7 today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the latest trends in email marketing?

Some of the latest trends that are part of your email marketing checklist:

  • Interactive e-mails
  • GIFs, videos and animations
  • Subscriber control
  • User-created content
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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