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All About Loan For Electronics

Loan for electronics falls under every household’s basic needs. So taking a consumer durable loan is a necessity. You may need a washing machine to wash the clothes as you want to save time for yourself and relax by watching TV in the comfort of your air-conditioned room.

However, money plays an essential role in buying home appliances; not everyone has enough money, and that’s when a electronics loan comes in. With the loan, you can divide the cost of the appliance and pay across the time with installments.
A consumer durable loan comes in handy when you want to upgrade your home with the latest appliances and gadgets.

What is a consumer durable loan?

Electronics loan fall in the category of personal loans generally used to purchase household appliances and electronic gadgets, including smartphones, televisions, play stations, laptops, cameras, home theaters, washing machines, modular kitchens, etc.

You can apply for a consumer durable loan, also known as a loan for electronics, from a fintech app to fund your purchase, and you can pay back in flexible installments as per your convenience.

When will you need a consumer durable loan?

You might require getting a consumer durable loan at the following times:

  • Starting a new home

If you are starting a new home, you need to furnish your house with all the household appliances. However, buying the appliances together requires a lot of money, and if you are walking on a tight budget, you can opt for a loan for electronics to release the necessary funds.

  • Replacing current appliances

Every home appliance has a fixed life span, and beyond that, it might not function properly. So, when your home appliances get old, they need to be replaced with new ones; you can do that easily by availing of a electronic loan from a fintech app.

  • Update current appliances

The consumer durable market continues to advance through technology. So, if you want to give your home a change, you might want to bring modular furniture and buy the best appliances for your home. However, new and high-tech devices are costly, and a consumer durable loan can help you finance them.

  • Gifting for marriage

If you want to give home appliances to your family or friends who are getting married and starting a new life, you can give your loved ones whatever you want using a loan for electronics.

Consumer durable loans are multi-purpose loans that can be used at any time. Buy yourself the best appliance in the market without worrying about its cost.

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How does Lenditt work on consumer durable loans?

The consumer durable loan from Lenditt allows you to purchase all of the items you’ve been listing for a long time. The loan enables you to buy large and pays little.

Lenditt’s instant consumer durable loan helps you finance the purchase of consumer durable goods such as refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones, mixer grinders, and other household appliances. The consumer durable loan comes with low EMI and a hassle-free repayment period.

With the help of consumer durable finance, you don’t have to wait and save to buy your favorite gadget or bring home a new appliance because Lenditt got you covered.

A consumer durable loan for electronics from Lenditt is the best companion with the collateral-free loan, no prepayment charges, and a low amount of interest between 0.1% to 0.4% a day that has to be paid till the day you have taken the loan.

Features of consumer durable loan

Below are some features you can of availing of a consumer durable loan:

  1. Attractive consumer durable loans to buy any consumer durable
  2. Simple eligibility requirements for the loan
  3. Get consumer durable loans online from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 within minutes using Lenditt
  4. Flexible repayment tenure with a minimum and maximum period for repayment. You can choose the term based on your needs
  5. You can apply for the loan on the Lenditt App
  6. Minimal paperwork is required to sanction the loan

No need to save up for years to be able to make the purchases you need for your home and family to improve your quality of life. With Lenditt’s line of credit, you can simply apply for an electronics loan or consumer durables and fulfill all your needs.


Consumer durable loans are a smart choice over credit cards to purchase consumer durable goods. Lenditt’s consumer durable loans are a smart choice over credit cards. You can buy any lifestyle products online or offline with a loan for electronics from Lenditt.

Taking loans is no longer a stressful affair. When applying for consumer durable loans online through loan apps and getting instant approvals. Check out different EMI options and repayment tenures to choose a consumer durable loan online plan that suits you.

So, do not wait anymore. Instead, apply for a consumer durable loan and buy the things required in your house to live a comfortable life.

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