Philippe Smith
Philippe Smith
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10 Things Real Estate Investing has Done For Me!

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Below are 10 realistic things that Real Estate Investment has done for me, both good and bad! Anybody who boasts about the amount of money they have made as well as how effortless it’s telling the truth. …. There will be a time when you experience ups and downs when investing.

1. It allowed me to spend less time in my home with my loved ones (this is a major deal for me)

2. Let me travel/vacation anytime between 45 days per year, up to seven months at a time if I so desired.

3. It made me second make up my own assumptions regarding the ARV’s

4. I was able to learn about all aspects of construction.

5. I earned enough money to enjoy the lifestyle I want to live.

6. It helped me become much more proficient in bookkeeping (try doing the tax return without preparing it after you’ve completed 30–45 operations ……NO NONE)

7. I am now wary of business that asks for money upfront.

8. It made me realize that, unless you have the money of a truck and a great credit score, a lot of income , and decades of personal experience, you’ll have to put in the work off in order to succeed as an Real Estate Investor.

9. I was able to accumulate assets that can help me in my retirement should I decide to retire. The best part is that once you’ve become skilled at this, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it for the rest of your life.

10. Improved my analytical capabilities and improved my negotiation abilities.

11. (freebie) The book has brought me to a happier and happy place with my personal life (as as I don’t be juggling multiple things at the same time …. lol)

There are many more ….. things you want to gain from REI? REI game?