David Reynolds
David Reynolds
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My name is David C. Reynolds, and I'm 47 years old. I am a professional player of poker. I currently work as a programmer and also do online casino reviews, which can be found at https://flamingdice.com/.

To ensure that we have a uniform casino review process, we employ a complex system. This ensures that each casino review is carried out in the most unbiased a manner as possible. This allows us the ability to discern which sites are best in terms of quality and service and which ones are not worthy of our consideration.

Our thorough and rigorous review process for online casinos is unlike other sites. All it takes is the creation of an account.

We sign up to the site ourselves, make deposits with our own funds, request bonus offers, play online slots using real money. Then, we go through the Terms and Conditions and request withdrawals. Then, we can provide the casino a quality assessment.

Only when the site is clearly fraudulent, can we refuse to deposit funds or divulge personal information. In all instances, our review contains every detail necessary to evaluate the site.

If you were not in safe hands, we wouldn’t be able to rest comfortably. This is understandable since we'd like to recommend only casinos that have impeccable reputations, not fraudulent sites that have recently opened their virtual doors five times under a new name.

Safety and security tests begin with a thorough examination of the casino's reputation and history. This covers everything from identifying player complaints to locating information on the owners of the site.

We consider game selection when determining the quality of an online casino. The casino should offer various casino games available. A wide variety of games from casinos should be available on the website with hundreds of slot machines as well as your favorite table games. There should also be live casino games and exclusive games.

Also, it is important that these games are accessible in a variety of formats. Even though the casino offers an online client for players to play, we expect that the casino will offer mobile and on-site versions.