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There was plenty of speculation regarding Skriniar's

These gamers are from Serie A are FUT 23 Coins the highest rated players in the league. As such, fans should keep an eye on the players from Serie A when selecting teams.

Serie A is the highest level of football in Italy. The league consists of twenty teams, each of which has different goals, which they attempt to achieve at the time the season is over. In recent years it has become apparent that the quality of the league has declined however that hasn't stopped hopeful players from joining teams.

The new league kicked off only a few months ago, players will be hoping their favorite teams take everything they can. Seria A fan who wants go to the next stage can always try EA's FIFA 23 that has the latest ratings for the players. As is the case with all new FIFA game the focus is on the top-rated players in the league.

Wojciech Szczesny is the number one goalie choice at Juventus for a number of years. He joined the club in the year 2017 and, during his time it was during his time that he gained the status as being among the top goalie players in Serie A.

Unfortunately, each of Szczesny and Juventus have entered a time of decline. Following their dominance in the Premier League for 9 straight seasons but they've finished outside the top three teams in the past two seasons. Despite his poor performances, Szczesny's rating has only been reduced by 1 point, meaning that for FIFA 23 his card is valued at the 86 mark.

There was plenty of speculation regarding Skriniar's future club in the summer, and Paris Saint Germain looking the most likely to draw this Slovakian to the French League. However, the move hasn't come to fruition, and Skriniar has to fight to get back the top spot within the French League.

"Wins to Watch" implies that if the player's team wins three of cheapest FIFA 23 Coins their next eight domestic ties (starting the 30th of September) and they are awarded an additional one-time stat boost similar to another in-form. Thus, if Man City win 3/8 games, Haaland gets another +1 on top of the updates to his in-form He receives. (Lol 'if'.)

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