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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman One of four players

"Yes It was" Rivera said in his postgame press madden nfl 23 coins conference. "Thank you." Rivera didn't hide anything, though. The Panthers did not always have their heads in the right place at times but Rivera admitted it. "I would never want anyone to visit our field and push us around," Rivera said. Although Rivera would prefer his team had not performed as much jaw-wracking following the whistle, or had as many penalties as it did, he believes this was an opportunity to learn from the experience for a team that had a season full of them.

"We became a football team this year," Rivera said. "This game was not an indication of the season we've been about." With the loss over the next game will be another test and a test for Rivera as well as the Panthers. "If we don't draw lessons from the events of today and don't learn from what happened this season, we've lost the entire season," Rivera said. "We're definitely not going do the same thing again. We're going to improve. We're going to come back."

One of the main topics to be debated and possibly voted uponat the Madden NFL 23 owners meetings on Wednesday will be the new policy on player conduct, which the Madden NFL 23 is intent to improve upon in the wake of a series of missteps in the fall. But, following a few unsuccessful efforts by the league and its Madden NFL 23PA to come together on a mutually accepted proposal, the players association appears extremely dissatisfied with the absence of a negotiation process during the discussion.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman One of four players who took part in an audio conference with media on Tuesday, to give the players' view on the current situation, was critical of his team's version of Madden NFL 23 on its lack of cheap madden 23 coins professionalism in handling the discussions.

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