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Planned Tackling – Tackling in FIFA 23 is a mixed bag

FIFA 23 news has been slow to roll out thus far FUT 23 Coins , but late last week we got two significant updates. First, the Women’s World Cup was patched into FIFA 23, and secondly, the FIFA 23 “Pitch Notes” dropped with insight into what the developers are looking to accomplish with FIFA 23. With EA Play right around the corner, let’s dig into these “Pitch Notes” line for line.

Renewed Defending System – Needed! AI Defending in FIFA 23 is easily exploitable due to its predictability. Taking out defenders with 1-2s is still far too easy, and the physicality of defenders isn’t where it needs to be in 2019. Tactical Fouls (a foul button perhaps?) could help to prevent FIFA 23’s most utilized form of attack, counter attacking, but as of right now there’s little you can do to combat it.

Better communication between the two back banks (defenders and midfielders) could also be improved by allowing less space in between the lines. Tactical defending as an option online should also be looked at in FIFA 23, assuming it returns with the proper balance (stamina hits, injuries, etc.) to offset the pressure-spam button. All-in-all, a new defending system is a welcomed addition and hopefully we’ll receive more updates in the coming month.

Planned Tackling – Tackling in FIFA 23 is a mixed bag. On one hand, ratings matter. Don’t think so? Try lowering a player’s tackle rating into the 30s and you’ll see how the button input plays out. Not only will be it less responsive, the actual animations will reflect someone who is poor at tackles with lunging attempts and various other unorthodox animations playing out. While that aspect is fairly well done FIFA 23 Coins buy , the ability to tackle is also an attempt at balancing attacking, particularly as players get in close proximity where most standing tackles are attempted.

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