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Brian Birmingham: Oh my God

Many people who hadn't played for a few months return to WOTLK Gold play out, and become part of the fun. They are so enthusiastic about it. The community is extremely kind in the sense of taking care of each other and understanding that things may be a little more difficult. Perhaps there are some sharp edges that you can't have to deal with In Modern WoW, but that's part of the fun and the appeal for them.

"I'm most grateful to the community, the players. We had no idea when we released WoW Classic how well-liked it would become honest to goodness." -- John Hight

Brian Birmingham: Actually, I spoke to a few people who said they were nice in Classic Partly as a kind of retribution for their actions that were not pleasant 15 years ago. Looking for a chance to create an entirely new relationWarcraft with a better attitude. Yeah, everybody's a little more mature, a little more sensible in their views.

The reception to The Burning Crusade was near-unanimous applause. Your first expansion for WoW, how did that make you feel in the moment, and what effect did those positive reviews influence your development efforts and plans for the future?

Brian Birmingham: Oh my God. I can remember it being such an incredible lift. I was just a new employee back then But I do remember I went to night signings at midnight. We used to hold midnight signings where we would take people out to sign their collectors editions, and regular boxes, as people would stand in line until midnight to buy the books. It was thrilling to observe those, hear the stories from the first developers about lines that would go around the building, and we actually had them at multiple locations buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold . It was exciting to see fans pour out and really party with us.

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