Daisi Robinetta
Daisi Robinetta
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The square neck dress is the latest romantic style for the summer of 2022

A hint of nostalgia is a part of the fashion trends of the new season because many looks today draw inspiration from the past. It's not just about an resurgence of the 1990s or the 2000s, which are prominent in fashion circles as well as fashion trends such as corset tops Empire dresses, voluminous puffy sleeves that were worn centuries before during the court of Versailles and Co. has worn.

The time travel extends a little more for the latest fashions in fashion that is expected to be a big hit this summer. It can be seen at H&M and other stores. The so-called black square neck dress was an inspiration from the robes of the Renaissance and is now bringing new romance into our wardrobe. We show you how to wear this dress fashion of 2022 and have uncovered the most beautiful styles from H&M and Co. for shopping.

The style of dress for the square neckline dress is inspired by the robes worn by the Renaissance however, don't be concerned that this style isn't as formal as traditional robes, and more of a stunning feminine and fun fashion trend for the warm season. The most important aspect is of course the decollete since - as the name implies - it is characterized by having a square neckline. Thus, the reference to Renaissance, because square necklines were fashionable during this time.

But back to present time, because this summer it is commonplace to see the square neckline popular with gathered smocks on the chest with puff sleeves. A flowing hem, either shorter or midi lengths to are the perfect complement to the trend. It was spotted in the latest H&M line, for example, where the dress's neckline is designed in delicate pastel colors, white, with floral designs or lace-like details. However, suppose you like it more casual. If so you could opt for black versions, making the fashion trend slightly more reduced and edgy, especially when you combine the black square neck dress with rocking boots, for example.

The square neck dress is a popular romantic choice for this summer's 2022 season, which is perfect for an evening out at a cafe, dinner with friends or important occasions like weddings. But, for everyday wear, the dress trend comes in its own when paired with sandals: Flat styles with straps that are delicate are a chic option and are often complemented, for example, by the bucket bag that is made of braided raffia. Another small or pouch bag.

In special occasions or the evening, quickly dress up the fashion look with a pair of shoes with a high heel (with ankle lacing, for instance). A slouchy leather clutch and jewelry accessories such as an elongated link chain or jewelry, headbands and more finish off the summery outfit perfectly.