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Creature Industry was founded on year 2017. We have designed and manufactured various kinds of machinery for the food industry.
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Domestic Pulverizer: Best Mini Flour Grinding Machine For Home

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Domestic Pulverizer

Domestic pulverizer is also called domestic flour. This machine is ordinarily used to grind grains and make flour. This machine is in most cases smaller in size in comparison to large machines and therefore it’s miles designed for domestic use.

it’s miles vital that you can no longer have salt in toothpaste, however the domestic pulverizer will in reality needed inside the residence. these days we’re going to reveal to you the model of home atta chakki. Our all-home pulverizers are of various colors. As you know we can have the whole thing domestically, like Wheat, Pearl millet, Sorghum, Corn, and Rice everything can be inner our residence.

Features: Domestic Pulverizer

Once the domestic atta chakki machine started, It’s playing music. The music alarm guidance helps the customer to operate the machine step by step, like — Filling the wheat at the top of the hopper, closing the door, and grinding is finished. If unfortunately your machine door is open, and you are going to start the machine then the safety alarm tells you the door is open. Domestic pulverizers have inbuilt light. Domestic pulverizer machine capacity is up to 8–10 kg per hour. atta chakki machine consumes only 1 Unit of electricity.

Here are a few key features of domestic pulverizer machines:

1. Size and Capacity: Domestic pulverizers are more close and are designed in such a way that they can smoothly fit in our kitchen. Its grinding capacity is less as compared to commercial pulverizers, hence it is designed for home use.

2. Versatility: Many domestic pulverizer machines are adaptable and can grind any type of grain such as wheat, rice, corn, millet, pulses, and many other grains. Some models of this machine also have the ability to grind spices, herbs, and other food items.

3. Motor Power: Different types of motors are used in domestic pulverizer machines, but they have enough power to grind the grains in our homes. These machines are created in such a way that while working, they not only grind but also save electricity.

4. Ease of Use: Domestic pulverizers are specially created for ease of use, control, and operation. Special safety features have been installed in them so that in case of an accident, this machine stops automatically so that no accident happens to the people.

5. Material and Construction: Domestic pulverizer machines can be made in many different ways, but are typically made from stainless steel or high-quality wood. So that this machine can run for a long time and does not require much maintenance.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance: Most domestic pulverizers are developed to be easy to clean and do not need much maintenance. Most of the parts in these machines have been installed individually so that this machine can be easily cleaned after use.

7. Cost: Domestic pulverizer machines are more economical than commercial pulverizers because they are made for home use. The cost of this machine varies according to the brand, features, and grinding capacity.

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Domestic Pulverizer Price

The price of a domestic pulverizer can range widely depending on aspects such as brand, model, features, and where you are purchasing it from. Domestic pulverizers are used for grinding different materials into fine powders or granules, normally for cooking goals.

Domestic pulverizer price Rs. 10,000 is the starting price to 18,000 maximum price depending upon the motor quality and what kind of wood they are using in their machine. Also, some manufacturers provide 1 year warranty and some have 2 years warranty.

Conclusion: Domestic Pulverizer

If you get this domestic atta chakki in your home, then it is going to improve the beauty of your house and make a decoration of your house and we are going to do more customization on this machine.

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Creature Industry was founded on year 2017. We have designed and manufactured various kinds of machinery for the food industry.