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What is Diamond Painting Art?

Diamond Art is a hobby where you stick diamond jewels onto a pattern to look like a mosaic. Sometimes called diamond art painting (although there is no paint involved), this fun creative hobby is easy to do, frugal and great for kids and adults.It's a stress-free activity that puts your mind at ease. "It requires minimal effort and can be extremely addictive as this creative outlet is great for relaxation, stress relief, and overall mental health," director of sales and e-commerce for Diamond Art Club. Despite its name, however, diamond painting art has nothing to do with your average brush stroke.

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According to experts, diamond painting is a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers. "You use an applicator to apply hundreds of sparkling resin rhinestones, one-by-one, on an adhesive color-coded canvas painting," she explains. The end result is a vivid, shimmering work of art.Each piece can be framed and hung in your office, gifted to a loved one, or kept for yourself to enjoy.

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