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How to Choose The Best Photo for Custom Diamond Painting

Have you ever thought about how awesome the world could become if everything was personalized? (Guilty at-fault? Guilty as claimed!) What if we inform you that the most beautiful diamond art work comes with the option of personalization? (Excited aren't you? This is why we're here to help you.) If you've masterminded your art of painting diamonds as a pro You're now ready to go on the journey of taking the next step toward the latest member of this painting group, which appropriately is making waves across the globe and taking the world by storm. It's called Custom Diamond Painting. Although the name may be easy to understand, customized diamond paintings are a unique procedure that gives you the opportunity to select your most prized photograph and then transform it into a lasting work of art that you can cherish for the rest of your life.


Custom diamond art is an exclusive and distinctive work of art that is healthy in many ways. With each uncertainty that has been sweeping through the world this year The world has turned to indoor pursuits and we're certain that a Custom Diamond painting provides unparalleled satisfaction and happiness. It's a luxury everybody can afford today.

The main benefits that come with custom-designed diamond paint:

A Large Variety of Size choices What fun could the customisation be if it did not give a wide range of possibilities? Well! everyone is a winner as you can choose which size is best for you from our vast range of choices.

Picking the perfect diamond shapeis the essence of customization. You can choose whether to stick with the round diamonds or go for the diamonds that are square.

A Brimmed Full-Drill Coverage Most of the time, the customizations across the globe aren't as thorough as they're claimed to be However, in customized diamond art, you can be sure to experience the best enjoyment in the world as every canvas is guaranteed to be an asymmetrical canvas that needs to be covered in diamonds entirely.

With a wealth of knowledge about Custom diamond paintings, with no any further delay, we'll set off on a journey to discover the solution to the most fundamental issue regarding Custom Diamond Painting i.e. What is the best image for custom diamond painting? Our experts have created the most reliable solution to this question.

1. Embrace Simplicity The answer is to remember that when you're trying things for the very first time be simple at first and advance to the next step later. If you select a complicated image that has lots of small details you will see numerous diverse colors and tiny areas to work with. This can be quite difficult and complex.

A more simple image enhances the aesthetics of the artwork and can make the final product more attractive to the eyes. If you pick a photograph with a simple background, it will enhance the overall appeal of your main photograph. No one wants to distract their image's subject So the best way to go about it is to select a photo with blurred backgrounds or all focus is only on the subject, with little to no background.

2. Make sure you pay attention to the RATIO If this phrase is relatively new to you, then don't worry for as long as you're about. Aspect Ratio is the relationship between the width and height of the image. Like other ratios, it is represented in an "X:Y" ratio. Think of this ratio as a crucial factor since it assists you in selecting the most appropriate size for the canvas. To get the best outcomes, it is suggested that you select a photograph that has the similar (if not greater) proportions as the canvas you've selected for.

When the ratio of the image of the canvas aren't identical or different, a white space or cropped version will appear and could impact the overall look of your painting. (You would not need that, right?)

3. SIZE MATTER: The long-running debate about whether importance of size is applicable in this instance also (WINK Wink!). It is essential to show that when we talk about size it is necessary to think about it from two perspectives. First, the dimensions of the digital image and then how big the canvas. Together, these two have the greatest impact. The bigger the digital image is, the more likely it will be boosted by a higher resolution. A picture that is more than 500x500 pixels is considered to be deemed "good enough". Are you unfamiliar with the term "Pixels"? This is a short flicker on your screen which occupies approximately 1/96th of an inch.

In a single photo, the tiny droplets of pixels combine to create a breathtaking photograph. A photo that has fewer pixels must be zoomed to allow it to be able to fit on the frame, and thus is unable to retain its shape. However the photo with plenty of pixels sits comfortably in its place. The hue of a photograph that has more pixels appears to be vivid enough to calm your eyes. However the picture with less pixels is uninspiring as it will appear blurry and pixelated. Furthermore, larger canvasses give you a grand experience, and will ensure your final outcomes are more stunning.

The ultimate conclusion is to always choose the image that is high number of pixels. So, to make this a reality ensure that you pick the best quality photos that are well lit.

4. Be aware of CSS: CSS basically stands for colors, shading , and shadowing. Before you start deciding on what shade of color and scheme be chosen it is essential to know what it means for the custom diamond painting canvas. If you do not pay attention to this portion of the process, you'll find yourself wondering "Why is the white portion of my diamond painting possessing a different color?" or "Why does the black portion of my painting lamenting brown and green colored diamonds?"

The easiest idea to grasp is that every hue is amplified after a photo has been transformed into a customized diamond-colored painting kit. In the end, the red-colored hue in your photograph is transformed into the parts of your work you'd imagine to be white. To avoid this effect, it is suggested to make some color or tone adjustments as well as eliminate shadow effects.

5. The orientation of the photograph It is obvious that while it's not a must to keep in mind that photo's orientation is important, it plays a crucial role in creating the perfect masterpiece or ruining one. If the picture you took is a portrait image, don't choose a landscape canvas, and the reverse is true. The main reason is that if you select the portrait canvas to create an image of a landscape it'll appear strange and bizarre. So, make sure to ensure that you keep the original perspective and you can be sure that it will shine in the best light.

6. Cut the crap This analogy may sound we're totally serious because the subject matter of the painting is the most important aspect of the creation of a custom diamond painting. We want the primary subject to be the focus of focus, so it's necessary to cut any "extra" surrounding or background materials. If the subject matter occupies the same or greater than the 3/4th picture then congratulations! You've successfully cut out the junk.

Your chances of success are high by keeping in mind the points mentioned above. They're explained in depth since they're equally crucial and help ensure that you enjoy an easy time in these kinds of craft. There is no doubt that the most crucial aspect of a custom diamond painting is to select the most appropriate photo and, in turn we take great pride in providing the best selection of options.


We're thrilled that you chose to study how to select the right picture for your personalized diamond painting with us . And as an added bonus we've got a lot more to offer you. This is definitely a good day for you because we're rolling out another set of size guidelines:

Small is 17cm x 20cm This is the perfect size for images that lack particulars and focus on one object or person.

Best-fit Small = 20cm x30cm It is a ideal size for pictures that aren't too detailed around the focal point.

Medium = 30cmx40cm it is the perfect size for photos with a variety of designs. This size is equipped to mourn the small particulars.

The ideal size is 40cm x 50cm . It can be used as a size for all kinds of designs. Everything will feel small when it is this size.

Large = 45cm by 60cm It is a ideal size for showing the vast array of specifics. The scenes and close-ups will appear flawless.

The ideal size is 40cm x 120cm . This is the biggest dimension for a diamond-painted kit. This is the most powerful size, which will include all kinds of fine details. It will also give you the pleasure of creating a stunning masterpiece.

With the ever-changing environment is ours It is gratifying to observe how the art world is keeping up and changing (for the better, of obviously) so that it can meet the requirements of all enthusiasts. Each customized diamond art work is enjoyable to view.