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Craft Group
We are global refrigeration equipment manufacturers for the original manufacturers and the wholesale industry.
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Craft Group: Your Custom Refrigeration Solutions

Welcome to Craft Group, a diverse worldwide contract manufacturer and solutions supplier of components, systems, assemblies, aftermarket parts, and finished assets for original equipment producers and distributors looking to make a positive difference in the world. Engineered goods, refrigeration, and design & distribution services are the three operating segments of Craft. We'll talk about our refrigeration sector today, especially about commercial refrigeration, in this section.

Refrigeration or Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigeration is the method of removing heat energy from an object or area. Commercial Refrigeration is essential for safe and effective operations in many industries, such as food processing, manufacturing, electronics, communication, technology, and chemical processing.

Refrigeration devices remove undesired heat from a place or object and transfer it to another thing or substance where the heat can be dissipated. Even though numerous Refrigeration Condensing Units on the market, some applications necessitate unique refrigeration solutions by using a custom Refrigeration Condensing Unit to improve refrigeration processes and facilitate system operation.

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The following four elements are always present in refrigeration systems, regardless of their design or application:

· A compressor in a refrigeration system uses an electric motor or another actuator to drive the refrigerant through the system.

· The refrigerant is compressed and sent through a condenser, converting it from vapor to liquid and removing the heat.

· The liquid refrigerant passes within an expansion valve, losing pressure and expanding, lowering the refrigerant's temperature.

· The expanded refrigerant flows through an evaporator, where it absorbs heat from the cooling region and vaporizes, resuming the cycle.

Custom refrigeration systems are designed to satisfy the requirements of specific applications. When determining whether a custom refrigeration system is required for your application, it is critical to have a thorough understanding of refrigeration mechanics, available methods, the benefits of specific refrigeration systems for your application, as well as the installation process and requirements. We do it all for our clients and even within a deadline.

Our highly skilled and informed team of Custom Refrigeration Condensing experts is dedicated to employing cutting-edge technology to provide advanced Custom Refrigeration Solutions for practically every industry. Craft Group are devoted to offering a level of honesty and integrity to our clients, as well as high-quality refrigeration systems that are built to specification, on time, and under budget.

Craft Group
We are global refrigeration equipment manufacturers for the original manufacturers and the wholesale industry.