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Serious Heat Pump Problems That Demand Quick Repairs

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Heat pumps can easily be described as a better alternative to HVAC systems, as they provide efficient heating and cooling. Having a well-functioning heat pump in your home can take away all of your worries about intense weather conditions. However, we must also keep in mind that heat pumps are one of the most hardworking home appliances, as they cool your home in the summer and provide the desired warmth in the winter.

Now that we know heat pumps operate year round, they are very prone to malfunction. However, you don't need to stress over sudden failures because Heat Pump repair Miami specialists are only a call away from you. In short, it's possible to avail same-day assistance from professionals, that too at very reasonable and fair service charges.

Coming to the point, let’s now take a look at a few heat pump issues which need to be resolved at the earliest because sometimes, minor bugs lead to serious problems.

Dirty Filters: Heat pumps require an unobstructed supply of fresh air in order to function efficiently and hence, filters need to be cleaned at regular intervals. This is because clogged filters are one of the most common causes behind frequent heat pump malfunctions. So, whenever you notice some dirt on air filters, either clean them yourself or contact professionals for this.

Faulty Compressor Contactor: There’s a device that controls the electricity flow across the heat pump and known as compressor contactor. So, if your heat pump is constantly running, it is probably due to a faulty compressor contactor. You’ll need an experienced technician to fix or replace a broken compressor contactor.

Refrigerant Spilling Out: It’s actually the beginning of a major problem if the refrigerant is constantly spilling out of your heat pump. This is because the refrigerant plays the most important role of absorbing and releasing the heat, which is the most basic function of any heat pump. Therefore, whenever you find out that the refrigerant line has some leaks, seal them immediately.

Reversing Valve Malfunctions: Generally, when a heat pump has a faulty reversing valve, it operates in only one mode, i.e. either to cool or to heat. If you are facing this problem, you definitely need professional help to fix your heat pump.

Broken Blower Motor: Possibly the last thing you would like to see is that the blower motor on your heat pump is broken, as the blower does an important job of circulating air throughout the room.

Don’t make a delay in calling professionals if your heat pump is suffering from any of these problems.

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