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Why Choose Labour Hire Company to Hire Traffic Control Staff

If your business involves heavy traffic, you likely know how important it is to have the right people in place to man your work zones. The safety of your workers and drivers alike is essential. If you're in need of traffic control staff, you may be thinking about hiring a local workforce through Craigslist or an employment agency. But what if we told you that a professional Labour Hire Companies in Melbourne could provide a higher quality workforce with better training and screening than an amateur service? A good temp company can help ensure that your employees are properly trained before they enter the field—and they will also screen them thoroughly so that their skill sets match up with what's required by each job site.

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Safety is a top priority for every employer, and it should be for you as well. That's why we have policies and procedures in place to keep workers safe at all times. Safety is a big part of the hiring process, too.

  • We require all of our employees to take safety training classes before they are allowed on any job sites with our clients. This ensures that everyone has the knowledge they need to perform their duties safely and efficiently.
  • Our company offers workers' compensation insurance through WorkSafe BC, which covers medical expenses related to work injuries or illnesses suffered by employees who are injured on the job due to an accident caused by someone else's negligence or recklessness (such as failing to provide proper security measures).


We screen our traffic control workers by getting them to fill out a questionnaire, which is then sent to a third-party screening company. They do an extensive background check and verify the answers given by the candidate against government databases. We also ensure that every candidate has at least five years of experience in their field as well as exposure to state or county regulations governing traffic control work. This ensures that you get only qualified workers who can do an excellent job for you!


Training is the cornerstone of any successful business, and it's especially important when it comes to hiring traffic control staff for your Traffic Control Company in Melbourne. As a contractor, you're accountable for your workers' safety as well as their ability to do a good job. You want to know that they have been trained in the proper procedures for their job so that they can be safe and effective on-site. When you hire Labour Hire Companies Melbourne, this is exactly what you get:

  • Safety Training: We require all of our employees to complete OSHA safety training before working on-site with us. This ensures that everyone has an understanding of how to stay safe while working in potentially hazardous conditions or in close proximity to moving traffic.
  • General Site Safety & Procedures Training: We also provide general site training before each assignment begins so that employees know what is expected of them during an assignment and are fully prepared to carry out those responsibilities safely and effectively even if something unexpected happens (an accident).
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Labour Hire Companies

A qualified workforce is a huge safety benefit.

Safety is a huge concern for all companies, and it's especially important when you're working on the road. A qualified workforce ensures that your workers are aware of their surroundings, know how to identify hazards and minimize those hazards if they can't be avoided. This is an important part of the job because it keeps everyone safe at all times, but it can also save your company a lot of money in the long run.

If you're looking for traffic control staff that has undergone safety training, Labor Solutions has got you covered! We only hire qualified individuals who have been fully trained by experts in their field—and our services don't end there; we'll also provide ongoing training throughout their time with us so that they never get complacent or forget anything they learned during their initial training sessions (which will help keep costs down).

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