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Chaisai Daw
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Why choose a rooftop bar with Peruvian flair for your night out?

A rooftop bar is hard to beat for a night out experience. Add a touch of peruvian food nana flair to the mix for the recipe of an extraordinary experience. You should visit rooftop restaurants in Bangkok with Peruvian influence. In this blog we suggest reasons to make your next night out so special.

These dishes are a must try to witness the unique Peruvian experience.

  • Lomo Saltado: This is a delicious stir fry that combines marinated strips of sirloin with onions, tomatoes and other ingredients.
  • Ceviche fish: It is the most famous must try Peruvian dish made from marinated fish.
  • Pisco Sour: It is a national drink of Peru made from a type of brandy. It has lime juice, bitter combined with egg white. This cocktail pairs perfectly with the fresh flavors of Peruvian dishes.

These dishes get you taste of Peru at the same time make your culinary journey filled with sensory delight.

How does the ambiance of a roof top restaurant in Bangkok enhance your evening?

The ambiance of a rooftop bar alone is enough to make any night special. For an extraordinary experience infuse it with peruvian restaurant nana. The atmosphere that transports you directly to Peru has colorful textiles with ambient lighting. Perhaps some live Latin music in the background would be a bonus.

The panoramic views from a rooftop bar sukhumvit gives a magical touch to your evening. The elevation gives you a sense of escape from the daily grind to relaxation. The addition of Peruvian décor elements such as traditional woven fabrics, pottery, and art creates an authentic vibe that enriches your experience. Some rooftop bars feature live performances along with traditional Peruvian music. This way your entertainment gets cultural dimension to your night out.

Which are the top drinks at a peruvian restaurant Bangkok Sukhumvit?

  • Pisco based drinks: Besides the classic Pisco Sour, there are many other Pisco-based cocktails to explore. Try a Chilcano in which you get amazing taste of pisco and lime. Another options is Pisco Punch which includes pineapple juice and lime.
  • Local drinks: Peru has a variety of local beers and wines that complement its cuisine. Beers like Cusqueña from the Ica region are best pairings for your food.
  • Uninque mocktails: You also have plenty of non alcoholic options in Peruvian based mocktails. The top rated ingredients are chicha morada which is a traditional purple corn drink. Another option includes maracuya which has rich flavors of passion fruit.

Making new friends at a rooftop bar in Bangkok

Venues at the highest points in Bangkok are great for social interactions. Visit with your friends and mingle with new people in rooftop venues around Sukhumvit.

  • Open air Space: The open-air environment is perfect for conversation, allowing you to enjoy the breeze and avoid the stuffiness that can come with indoor venues.
  • Casual by chic: Rooftop bars strike the right balance between casual and upscale, making them versatile for various occasions.
  • Interactive experiences: Many rooftop bars feature interactive elements like open kitchens, mixology stations, or ceviche bars where you can watch chefs and bartenders create their masterpieces. These experiences not only entertain but also provide great conversation starters.


A rooftop bar with Peruvian flair for your night out combines the best of culinary delights, cultural ambiance and a perfect social setting. Next time when you plan a special evening give it a touch of Peru from a rooftop vantage point. You can make reservations at Above Eleven. It is a top rated bar and restaurant in Bangkok with a unique Peruvian experience.