Casting JC
Casting JC
jiachuan Casting is an investment casting foundry, manufacturer, and supplier.
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Investment casting for medical applications

Along with mining, construction machinery and oilfields, medical machinery is one of the main industries for our investment casting services. Investment casting is used for medical-related applications using complex metal parts. With our modern investment casting technology, CFS Foundry can cast all metal alloys such as stainless steel, aluminium, etc. to precise dimensions. We can provide medical investment castings for the following fields:

  • Operating tables and other operating room equipment
  • NMR machine
  • X-ray equipment
  • Stretchers, wheelchairs and similar products
  • damage stabilization device
  • Implantable Components

Advantages of Medical Investment Casting

Investment casting offers a wide selection of materials for medical applications in many grades of steel and aluminum. This investment casting technique uses the lost wax method to produce these parts with great precision. From the mold making of every geometric detail to the computer-controlled excellent semi-automotive casting process, investment castings made for medical applications will achieve a high degree of consistency in high quality. Remove burrs after casting to make the surface smooth. If required, post-processing such as heat treatment, machining, surface coating, etc. will be carried out for special requirements.

In conclusion, investment casting is an efficient method for producing medical metal parts. It can deliver consistent parts across large production runs. This process can continue to cast these parts on a regular basis to keep inventories between minimum and maximum levels, ensuring customers have regular and timely access to these parts.

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Casting JC
jiachuan Casting is an investment casting foundry, manufacturer, and supplier.