Casting JC
Casting JC
jiachuan Casting is an investment casting foundry, manufacturer, and supplier.
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Floor drain stainless steel casting

Stainless Steel Castings for Floor Texture Solutions Stainless steel castings are typically produced in Type CF8 (304), an 18-8 austenitic stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance. Type CF8M (316) stainless steel is also available for certain applications. At CFS Stainless Steel Foundry, 304 and 316 stainless steel can be chosen to cast the ground grain, because we have the ability to produce different grades of stainless steel castings. After casting, we can polish the cast stainless steel floor texture parts to a smooth finish.

Advantages of stainless steel floor drain castings

• Attractive Appearance - The bright, easy-to-maintain finish of the cast stainless steel floor drain provides a modern and attractive appearance. The stainless steel finish is unaffected by UV rays and will not discolour in natural climatic conditions.

• Long Term Value - When considering the total life cycle cost of a product, stainless steel is often the cheapest material choice. In addition, casting is also an inexpensive manufacturing process that can create floor drains of different sizes and configurations.

• Environmentally friendly - stainless steel is 100% recyclable, making it the best choice for casting floor drains.

• Ease of Manufacturing - Thanks to today's modern steelmaking techniques, stainless steel castings can be cut, formed, welded and machined as easily as conventional steel.

• Corrosion Resistant - Ordinary steel castings will rust if they are not protected against rust. Due to the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, its appearance and finish will have excellent durability.

NOTE: Cast stainless steel surfaces will rust and may be magnetic.

• Hygienic - The faster, more efficient cleaning capabilities of stainless steel make it an excellent choice for applications involving stringent hygiene conditions, such as hospitals, kitchens and other food production facilities. Maintenance is minimal, and in most applications, occasional cleaning will restore the surface gloss of the material.

Casting JC
jiachuan Casting is an investment casting foundry, manufacturer, and supplier.