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Casting JC
jiachuan Casting is an investment casting foundry, manufacturer, and supplier.
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Application of casting in the automotive industry

As technology continues to evolve, finding faster, faster, and more cost-effective ways to make parts is an absolute necessity. Here, we will discuss the application of casting in the automotive industry and introduce the benefits of using zinc die casting.

The benefits of automotive casting

The most common application of zinc die casting occurs in the automotive industry. In fact, the idea behind die casting was originally created for cars. Due to the complex shapes and dimensions required for the different parts of the vehicle, zinc die castings are almost always used. Due to the precision of the process, virtually no further processing is required. This alone saves a lot of time and money in the manufacture of auto parts. People can generally use zinc for retractor gears, seat belt pulleys and camshafts, and many other components on most vehicles. This amazing metal has strength, flexibility and ductility unmatched by other materials. Zinc has a lower melting point, so less energy is used in the production process.

Different castings for cars

As mentioned earlier, automotive manufacturing is the most common use for foundry applications in the automotive industry. Zinc die casting produces an aesthetically pleasing appearance while offering the ability to create unique shapes with high durability tolerances. Zinc alloys have high corrosion resistance and are ideal elements for the automotive industry.

Here is a list of some of the parts you can make with this process:

  • sunroof parts
  • Chassis Parts
  • Transmission parts
  • car interior parts
  • Air Conditioning System
  • engine parts
  • Braking System and Hardware
  • power steering system
  • fuel intake parts
  • Other mechanical parts

and more...

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Casting JC
jiachuan Casting is an investment casting foundry, manufacturer, and supplier.