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3104 Aluminum

3104 aluminum is a 3000 series aluminum alloy: the primary alloying addition is manganese, which is formulated for primary forming into wrought products. 3104 is the Aluminum Association (AA) designation for this material. In European standards it will be designated as EN AW-3104. AlMn1Mg1Cu is the EN chemical name. In addition, the UNS number is A93104.

It originally received the standard name in 1978. It has the lowest conductivity of the 3000 series alloys in the database.

The performance of 3104 aluminum plate

3104 aluminum plate (AL-Mn) is a modified aluminum alloy, and tempering includes H111/0/H14/H16/H18/H34, etc. The maximum tensile strength can be controlled to be equal to or greater than 275MPA, and the elongation can reach 20%. The 3104 aluminum plate has good deep drawing performance and is suitable for thinning and drawing lightweight materials to reduce material consumption. The procedure of the tank process has strict requirements. In order to obtain high-quality steel billets, from hot rolling, cold rolling to finishing rolling workshop, every process is strictly controlled by our company, and more attention is paid to the control of plate thickness, surface, mechanical properties and anisotropy, so that the products can obtain appropriate strength. and formability.

Characteristics and application of 3104 aluminum plate

3104 aluminum sheet is not only suitable for punching cans (such as Coca-Cola cans), but also suitable for the construction industry, such as for exterior wall materials. It plays an important role in comfort, lightness, durability, economy and environmental protection. 3104 aluminum roofs are recognized as building roofs that can be used for more than 50 years. Mainly used in TV LCD backplanes, electronic components, polymer lithium batteries, cans, etc.