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How To Get Your Walls Ready For Silver Wallpaper

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Silver Wallpaper

Why do some people put up with the difficulty and toxicity of high-emission interior paints when they can buy attractive wallpaper online and have it installed in a couple of hours? Many individuals are concerned that the wallpaper removal process would result in damaged house walls. Decades of do-it-yourself installs with skipped steps might blame for such unwarranted worries. Some consumers are concerned about the quality of the wallpaper they purchase online. One may always rely on a reputable brand of fashion wallcoverings with at least two decades of experience in silver wallpaper installation.

You may find the following professional advice valuable in dispelling any doubts about using wallcoverings as your primary interior décor option.

Getting The Wall Ready:

Smooth, clean, dry, and structurally sound surfaces are required for wallcovering installation. If your wall was freshly plastered, it should retain only a little lime or alkali. The residual moisture content in your wall should be at most 5-7 % and measured using a moisture meter. With that out, you're ready to look for intriguing wallpaper for walls online.

What Type Of Primer Should You Use:

To improve wallcovering adhesion after ordering wallpaper online, prep the wall beforehand. Most primers are designed to act as a vapor barrier, and if such primers are used on wallcovering, they may significantly lower the overall permeability of the installation. Only a breathable primer designed for wallcoverings should be used. Oil-based primers provide a non-porous surface and, when paired with vinyl-based wallcovering, have a history of retaining moisture, extending drying time, and causing adhesion issues.

To Maintain The Wall's Structural Integrity, Follow These Steps:

Existing walls may have a variety of situations. After purchasing wallpaper for walls online, you may ensure the soundness of your wall.

All gleaming surfaces should be sanded, and any imperfections should be corrected. To open pores and improve permeability in existing wall treatments, sand using a medium to rough grain sandpaper.

Next, cut a shallow 'X' in the painted surface with a razor blade, wrap a piece of masking tape around your finger (sticky side out), and press the tape against the 'X.' If the paint film splits from the wall's surface, the wall is still being prepared for wallcovering.

In addition, for 15-20 seconds, press a damp sponge on the painted wall surface. The wall is not sound if any pigment or color transfers from the surface to the sponge. If one of the previous tests determines that the painted surface is 'unsound,' the paint must be removed as soon as possible. So, before you buy wallpaper online, double-check these points.

If you have an older wallcovering on your wall, remove it entirely before applying the new one. Do not double-hang. After purchasing wallpaper for walls online and removing the previous wallcovering, use a good-grade adhesive remover to remove any leftover glue. If the previous wallcovering is peelable, you must remove both the top and bottom layers—finally, clean and dry the wall.


Other surfaces, such as drywall or plaster, may necessitate particular application techniques and procedures. When you buy silver wallpaper online, contact your wallcovering manufacturer or distributor for advice on where to begin.

burke decor
Burkedecor.com is an online boutique featuring home decor, furnishings, gifts and home accents by designers from around the world.