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What Are Hard Gel Nail Extensions?

Are you bored of getting the same acrylic extensions? Why don't you go for a change now? The hard gel extensions can be the one for you! Getting your nails done now and then can be undoubtedly frustrating.

However, if you opt for this service, you can relax for at least three weeks after the manicure. With this, if you add in a little care, your nails can even last up to a month! Isn't that great? Hard gel is sturdy and durable and won't easily chip off making it a potential choice to go for.

Why should you choose this service?

● Strong and sturdy – This is a major point for choosing this service. The hard gel usually not tends to chip off easily which makes it a very durable option to opt for.

Safe to try – Nails are a crucial part of the body so their health must be maintained when opting for any therapy or treatment. You should never compromise with it. This procedure is considered to be safer and healthier than the acrylic one.

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Not at all heavy – carrying off fake nails can be annoying if they are heavily weighted. You should be able to carry out all your work freely and easily as you can do with your real nails. For this, you will require extensions with light tips and this is only possible with hard gel.

Easy to remove – Whenever you change your mind or think about getting a new design or pattern, just turn up at the salon whenever convenient for you. The process of removing it is not at all complex and can be completed within minutes with a professional manicurist. After that, you are all set to give your hands an entirely new and exciting look! Permanent eyebrow makeup from a certified salon would complement perfectly with your newly done nails.


At first filling of the nails is done – The manicurist would opt for filing first.

A thorough cleansing is conducted – This is a very important step and should not be skipped at all.

The nails are buffed – Proper buffing is required to get amazing results.

The gel builder is applied – This is done by the artist to make the base stronger.

The gel primer is applied – This step is done to prep them for further treatment.

● A top coat is applied to seal everything in place – It ensures that everything remains in place without getting messed up.

● The fake nails are dried using LED or UV lights – This is the final step and needs to be performed with immense caution.

Should you go for it?

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You should readily opt for the Hard gel nail extensions and enjoy the perks of having incredibly beautiful, elegant, and attractive nails popping with some gorgeous and lovely designs and colors.

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