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Affordable Wedding Dress Ideas for The Budget Savvy Bride

When it comes to shopping your bridal dress you’ll wear on your Big Day, it is often overwhelming to know where to begin, and especially true if you are tight on budget. Many of us are filled with doubt and questions like:

“Will I get my dream wedding dress in this budget?” “Will I have to settle for a dress I don’t really like?”

We recommend beginning with some great inspiration. Find out the top ideas to get affordable wedding dresses that aren’t just budget-friendly but visually appealing too.

Rent a Wedding Gown

Don’t let budget constraints limit your dream of having that bewitching wedding dress you have always dreamt of. Check out some fantastic collections for your special day but without breaking the bank – opt for renting a wedding dress.

The concept of renting a wedding dress has become very popular today, due to the growing popularity for a circular economy, "a model of production and consumption, which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible". In this case, we are making a great choice for the environment, working within our budget and also helping fulfill the dreams of many would-be brides who cannot afford to buy their dream dress.

Ask about wedding dress rental services at your local bridal boutique. You can also check online for affordable wedding dresses. There are some great Australian sites that offer wedding gowns for rent. The dress will be sent to you and after your wedding, send it back to them in the prepaid box available. And if you are lucky, you can even get a couple of dresses to try on and choose one that fits you beautifully.

A Pre-Owned Wedding Dress Can Be an Excellent Choice

Not enough budget? Don’t worry. Your dream of an eye-catchy and elegant wedding gown can still become true. Choose to buy a pre-owned wedding gown.

At a glance, you may not like the concept of wearing a pre-owned dress. But things work differently for wedding dresses.

Typically, brides wear their wedding dresses for only 6-8 hours or less. So, in most cases, they are usually flawless. When you buy a pre-owned bridal dress, you get an almost new wedding gown at half the price. What’s even better is that, you get the opportunity to wear a bridal dress by a well-known designer at a fraction of the price.

Find a Designer Bridal Boutique for Affordable Luxury

Whatever your aspirations of a perfect wedding dress, you can now fulfil it on a budget. There are many designer bridal boutiques that combine luxury and affordability at their best.

Shop off-season or choose a simple wedding dress that exudes minimalist style and fits your budget too. You can also consider ordering a custom-made bridal gown that can come affordable.

Experience affordable luxury at its best at Brides of Beecroft. Here you can find affordable wedding dresses that are not only exceptionally stylish but also fit your budget.