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What's the best way to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage?

What Does A Massage Do To Your Scalp? — Let us take a look at what scalp massages can do for you and the right way to do it.

Using Your Fingertips
It's not complicated: apply medium-firm pressure on your scalp in a circular motion using your finger pads (not your nails).

You may undoubtedly put your twist on it from there if you wish. Others with a tight or tense scalp will require a slightly heavier hand than those who carry less tension in the area, so experiment with your finger strength or invest in a Breo Head Scalp Massager.

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Using Scalp Massagers
In this case, the Breo Scalp Mini is your best bet. 96 soft silicone nodes are used in the four massage heads to stimulate the scalp's blood circulation and decrease tension and stress. It has three modes: low speed, high speed, and changeable speed. It helps to better clean your scalp while in the shower.

Another similar product is the Scalp Mini - it can also be used on other body parts. It's easy to transport, and it's also quite popular with pets, like cats.

For a more thorough and deep cleaning of your scalp, we recommend you the Scalp 2 by Breo. Infuse your scalp with 3D movements with the four silicone kneading heads. This smart massager is multi-functional and has a variety of uses.

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Breo Scalp Mini

The scalp application improves blood circulation and reduces tension, while other body areas, such as the neck, shoulders, arms, and legs, benefit from its use for muscle stiffness and soreness.

You can use a scalp massage tool both in the shower or after the shower with your favourite hair oil. Talking about oils, there are endless possibilities. As hair growth is one of the main reasons to attempt a scalp massage, consider adding hai-healthy essential oils to the mix.

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