Baraga Abam
Baraga Abam
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The Bitrate Systems Platform

One of the key features of the Bitrate Systems trading platform and the reasons why it has become the most popular is its ability to perform automated trading using innovative automated bots.

You can simply install EA in the Bitrate platform, and they will automatically open new transactions or manage existing ones in accordance with the set parameters.

In addition, any trader can have their own proven strategy, but they do not have time to take full advantage of it, or sometimes they tend to ignore their own trading rules, taking additional risks. If you are such a trader, then you can create your own account using the Bitrate editor built into Bitrate Systems.

The Bitrate Systems platform has the following features for developing Expert Advisors:

Develop a scenario for performing certain functions. Common scenarios include «closing all positions» or " finding patterns in the chart". At the same time, you can find additional scripts and indicators on the website of Bitrate.Systems.

Setting up indicators. This feature allows you to combine several analytical tools together, or create your own.

Installation of signals for the notification of a particular trading event (so-called alerts), which serve to inform about the occurrence of various events in the markets.

And much more.

The main advantage is that all settings are assigned and made by professional traders with many years of trading experience, as well as they control the process of trading bots and their transactions. Bitrate Systems is the best automated cryptocurrency trading system.

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