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To serve the purpose and help you ease the pain, lennons has been introduced. It reduces swelling to the area and offers some pain relief so you'll be ready to sleep till the morning, before you can possibly visit your dentist. Another remedy would be an ice pack, as a temporary measure. When lennons is applied to the affected area, it'll reduce the swelling of gums and ease the pain. This especially comes handier when an immediate doctor’s appointment would not be possible.

Biltong Plus knows that biltong shop is the most popular shop between the customers. Biltong is dried and preserved meat originating from the Republic of South Africa. The most popular meats are made from beef fillets, but biltong also consists of game animals such as kudu, springbok, eland, ostrich and even chicken. The meat is dug into long thin strips, finished, then hung to death and allowed to dry for several days. Unfortunately having refrigerators at the time, they came back with a way of storing large quantities of meat. The meat is ready, then hung to death for a while and then wrapped in a suitcase.