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Steps to logout from Whatsapp mobile app and Whatsapp web

Many messaging social media are available on the internet, and Whatsapp is among them. By using this mobile application, users can send messages, voice notes, and all kinds of multimedia files. Still, it has some size restrictions for sharing, and it also provides an option for sending documents and files within the size of 100MB. Many people worldwide use this mobile application, but most people don't know how to logout from Whatsapp and remove their number from Whatsapp.

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how to logout from Whatsapp

For using Whatsapp, the basic requirements are a properly working mobile number and a mobile device. Then, the user needs to install the Whatsapp mobile application on their device, and it is available in both the app store and play store. After installing the app, people need to enter their mobile number on its front page.After entering the number and clicking the button,the app will generate a one-time password(OTP) for the given mobile number. So, people need to enter the four-digit OTP on the screen, enter the mobile application, and use it.

The login process forWhatsapp

The Whatsappapplication has a unique feature known as Whatsapp web in which the users can use their Whatsapp application on other devices like desktops and laptops. For this process, people need to open the browser in the device in which users need to open Whatsapp web and search for it and enter the first link.

Step 1: Open the Whatsapp web link on the monitor or laptop

Step 2: Open the Whatsapp web option in the Whatsapp mobile application

Step 3: scan the QR code in the monitor or laptop screen with the scanner in the mobile app

Step 4: use the Whatsapp web option on various devices as per user requirements

By this process, people can use the Whatsapp web application and log in with multiple devices,and the process of connection will be so simple. After people complete these steps, they will get all the messages in the web app and replay through it.

Steps to logout from Whatsapp

By using the Whatsapp web application, people can use their whats app with various devices and manage them with the main application on the mobile. Furthermore, though logout in the mobile app is impossible and only signing out is possible with the mobile app, people can logout from other devices using the Whatsapp web application.

Step 1: Enter the setting option in theWhatsapp mobile application

Step 2: Click on the manage deceives option.

Step 3: From the list of devices in which userslogin Whatsapp web choose the device to logout

Step 4: Click on the device name and choose the Logout option

By clicking on the logout option, people can complete the logout process. These are some of the steps that explain the Whatsapp logout process.


Whatsapp is one of the popular mobile applicationsthat have millions of users. And this app has various attractive features, including the multimedia sharing option. So, all these processes will answer how to logout from Whatsapp, and by following all the points above, people can quickly log out from their Whatsapp devices.