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5 Delicious Schezwan Recipes No One Can Resist

It is hard for a food lover to describe the technical meaning of schezwan, but we know they love it. Schezwan can be understood as a Chinese style of cooking that consists of boiled things and is very spicy, oily, peppery, and sour. There are various brands that provide schezwan sauce online, and they are consumed by food lovers on a daily basis. We Indians love food, and our love for schezwan sauce is hard to describe.
In this blog, we will discuss 5 delicious schezwan recipes that are just mouth-watering.

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5 Delicious Schezwan Recipes

It is hard to imagine the time when schezwan sauce was not around. We Indians were happy with, the red and green chutney and were enjoying it quite well. Schezwan chutney opens various new flavors for foodies, especially for those who love spicy food items. One can purchase spicy Jain schezwan sauce and enjoy various food items at home.
Let’s dive deeper into this and know about a few awesome schezwan dishes.

  • Schezwan Chowmein

Chowmein is inspired by Chinese noodles and then various spices were added to it so that it can fit the Indian taste. Chowmein has a vast variety of veg, chicken, mutton, and various others. Schezwan chowmein is perfect for those who love spicy food. It is saucy, salty, peppery, and full of flavors.

  • Schezwan Chicken

Schezwan adds an exotic flavor to dishes. When it is mixed with chicken, vegetables, and various other sauces, it becomes a dish one would love to have. One can also prepare the dish at home. Just order schezwan sauce online, and get the recipe online.

  • Schezwan Fried Rice

What could be of better use than leftover rice? I mean, who won’t like schezwan fried rice? They are so easy to prepare, just a bunch of veggies, soy sauce, salt, pepper, schezwan sauce and that’s it. Serve it hot with tandoori mayo, and you won’t ask for anything else. You can also have schezwan sauce along with the fried rice if you don’t like rice being cooked in it.

  • Paneer Schezwan Gravy

What people love the most about exotic food is its gravy. The aroma, salty taste, peppery flavor, and the taste of lemon that comes with deeply cooked dishes is just out of this world. Yes, we are talking about Paneer Schezwan Gravy. The extra spicy taste of schezwan can make the dish everyone's favorite.

  • Schezwan Momo

One reason for which we can love and be thankful to Tibet is its momos. The dish is popular all over the idea and various types of momos are now available in different zones of India. Schezwan sauce is no different. People love to have hot schezwan momo with cold mayo and tandoori sauce. What else one could ask in the evening along with a glass of soda drink.

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People love schezwan sauce. Prepare your favorite dish at home, order Jain schezwan sauce, and have it together. There’s no one in this world that cannot like schezwan sauce, for the love of spiciness.