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Make A Collection Of Your Own Designer Blouses

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Sarees can be the traditional wear of India but no woman can disagree that it is the most stunning piece when it comes to women’s clothing. From weddings to festivals to parties to offices and social gatherings – one can easily blend in by draping a saree. But yes, what should be the style of the saree; depends on the occasion. Sarees are not only comfortable but if they are styled well then one stands apart in a crowd.

When it comes to styling a saree – finding the right blouse for it is very essential. These days there are endless varieties of cuts and designs available so that one does not have to compromise on fashion. When looking for designer blouse online shopping with price – one has to have a clear idea about the recent designs and distinctive patterns. Matching the saree with a well-fitting and a flattering blouse can make one look stunning.

Designs one must own

Just like sarees, when it comes to blouses – there are certain designs that one must keep in their wardrobe because they go well with most of the sarees.

Frill Blouse Design

Frills are not new when it comes to fashion. One can use frills in dresses and frocks previously and now they can use them on blouses as well. Having a frilled neckline can go really well with any designer saree that are patterned. Dressing like this and completing the look with sleek ornaments can easily complete a look. The color and design of the saree can change depending on the occasion and whether it is happening in day or evening. Frill collars are something that were once frequently worn by British Royalties. But adding them to saree styling makes things unique.

Off-Shoulder Blouse Design

Anything off-shoulder makes outfits fashionable. If one is invited to a party – then these designer blouses can look really stylish with a silk or a georgette saree. One can go for the same design in blouse and saree or can wear them with a plain-colored saree. This is a pattern that is definitely going to grab attention.

Deep Cut Blouse Design

Do you want to look stunning but do not want to accessorize the look much? Then go for a deep cut blouse design. They are incredible and goes well with any design and pattern of sarees. One can go for long sleeves where hand blouse sleeve design latest can be a stunner. From weddings to casual dates – one can flaunt this blouse design anywhere. Sarees with patterns need plain deep cuts while plain sarees need designed deep cut blouses.

Butterfly Pattern Blouse

Butterfly blouses are perfect for women for whom fashion matters the most. These blouses look unique and go best with organza printed sarees. One can easily wear them in any day occasion and gatherings. In this design the back-style also remains unique and one can make it more special by adding fancy embroideries.

Fringe Blouse Design

To make any usual blouse look trendy – one can add frills to them. This makes it look not only sophisticated but a deep front cut makes it look attractive. One can choose these blouses for festivals and friend’s or family weddings to pair up with a chiffon or a net saree. Adding nice accessories can make one look glamorous.

Tube / Strapless Blouse

Though a bit daring but if one can wear them confidently then it can also look stunning. In fact, this is a fashion trend that has been going on for many years now. It is better to pair them up with patterned sarees or floral sarees. Going for a mix and match combination can do the magic here.

Victorian Collar Blouse

This blouse can also be added to the wardrobe blouse collection. This has a vintage look and go really well with any heavy sarees. The ruffles on the collar look classy and one can also wear heavy jewellery with it. But this look is only recommended when one is attending a wedding or a festival.

Shirt Style Blouse Design

Do you want to stand apart from the crowd and look stylish enough? Then wearing this blouse design might help. Experimenting with the saree look is not new and one has been doing it for ages. Shirt blouses are typical purchases for the wardrobe which one can wear with both plain and printed sarees. The look really great with linen sarees. As the name says, the blouse typically looks like a shirt and it brings in some sophisticated look.

Back Neck Knot Blouse

A blouse with a knotted back looks very stylish and highly appealing. It can be a full-sleeve blouse that comes with a back knot or can be half-sleeves too. One can tie the knot in different styles to make it look more attractive. This is a sensual way of styling a saree and when going for a date or out with friends – this can really look fashionable.

Net Blouse Design

It is the most adaptable designer blouse to be very honest. It has a sheer coverage that gets the attention from everyone and one can look attractive in it. One can go with these blouses and pair them with silk sarees for any occasion.

All these above-mentioned blouse designs go great with the best stylish sarees. There are plenty of designs and materials when it comes to sarees. And one has to pick and choose from those to see which one goes well with which pattern of blouses. It is better to choose the blouse styles depending on what one’s saree choices are. Traditional sarees can go well with both traditional cuts and trendy cuts but when one is wearing designer sarees then it is a good idea to pair them up with designer blouses. They can be plain but the cuts have to be designer.

Maintaining the sarees and blouses are also what matters the most. If one is buying plenty of them – then they need to take care of them too. Washing them and ironing them from time to time makes things preserved better.

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