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VST Tractor - The most Popular Tractor Brand in India

Sri. V.S.Thiruvengadaswamy Mudaliar, who founded the business in 1967, inspired the name VST Tractor. The origins of VST tractors can be traced back to 1911. Previously, Mr. Mudaliard operated as a petroleum product and car distributor in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, with regard to expanding the company and exploring new business avenues. The parent company VST & Sons created VST tractors. VST, the tractor operates through the Bangalore division with a vision to enter the tractor market. Because the tractor business was saturated and there were already a large number of manufacturers in the competition. VST tractors made their way into the tiller business. The parent business, VST tractors, promoted VST tractors and tillers. The VST shakti tractor model was the first to leave the factory. This launch, however, did not result in the company's prosperity. VST tractors later obtained an industrial license to make Power tillers in Mysuru. The plant in Mysuru was built on 18.5 acres of ground.

VST tillers tractors LTD was founded in August 1968. With the expansion of the company and attempts to enter the market, VST tractors grew along with it. However, due to a drop in demand and increased debt, the business suffered massive losses from 1973 to 1977. Later, in the following years, the business was resurrected and Later, in the following years, the business was resurrected and saw tremendous success by exporting to African countries. The VST tillers and tractors ltd company was established in 1967 and started operations under the supervision and leadership of the VST group of businesses and vst tillers tractors share price increases The business, on the other hand, is from the South and is well-known for producing excellent agricultural machinery that relieves farmers' stress and makes their operative labor more efficient. The business first introduced power tillers five decades ago. The company was also a pioneer in creating a four-wheel-drive tractor, the VST Mitsubishi. VST tractors in India have horsepower ranging from 16.5 hp to 50 hp, with VST Shakti mini tractors providing 16.5 HP and 18.5 HP, respectively. VST tillers and tractors are priced in India between Rs 7.80 lakhs and Rs 19.5 lakhs*.

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Popular VST Tractor Model

  • VST Shakti MT 171 DI SAMRAAT
  • VST Shakti MT 180D HS/JAI - 4W
  • VST Shakti MT180D JAI 2W
  • VST Shakti VT180D JAI 2W
  • VST Shakti MITSUBISH VT 224
  • VST Shakti MT 270 VIRAAT 4W
  • VST Shakti Viraaj XS 9042 DI
  • VST Shakti Viraaj XT 9045 DI
  • VST Shakti 5025 R BRANSON
  • VST Shakti Viraaj XP 9054 DI
  • VST 932, 30 HP
  • VST Shakti MT 270 HT

Why is VST Shakti the Best Tractor company?

VST Shakti develops long-term crop solutions that boost farm output.

  • VST Shakti offers its clients innovative products.
  • It is a customer-focused company that always produces tractors for farmers.
  • All of their goods are reasonably priced.
  • VST Shakti works for rural development and produces agricultural goods that support the livelihoods of rural farmers.

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