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Tafe Tractor Price in India, Features, and Specification 2023

TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited) is a prominent Indian tractor brand that was founded in Chennai in 1960. By volume, it is the world's third-biggest manufacturer and India's second-largest. TAFE has a 25% market share, selling 150,000 tractors both domestically and abroad. Its 55-year partnership with Massey Ferguson and AGCO Corporation is one of the finest examples of its long-term dedication to stakeholders through fair practices. TAFE is the trade name for Massey Ferguson Tractor and Eicher Tractor. What distinguishes TAFE tractors is their demonstrated ability to work with various types of soil, on a broad range of land surfaces, and in a variety of farm applications such as cultivation, sowing, haulage, rotavation, and so on. TAFE is synonymous with toughness and the highest quality, precision, and numerous uses.

Mr. Anantharamakrishnan founded Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited in November 1960 to follow his passion for farming. TAFE tractors were able to provide 7000 tractors at the start of the company, accounting for 42% of the overall demand of 12000 tractors. TAFE tractors increased by 85% in two years.

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Popular Brand Under Tafe tractors :

Massey Ferguson is a globally recognised brand renowned for its expertise, durability, and incredible heavy-duty functionality. The extensive tractor line caters to all types of farmer requirements, making it the first option of Indian farmers. TAFE provides the finest haulage tractors, making it your go-to tractor company for all tractor needs.

Eicher: Eicher brand tractors require no introduction because the company has a large fan base and is trusted by all. Years of good run rates and cost-effectiveness demonstrate their popularity. Eicher Tractors' motto, Jazba Naya Jeet Nayi (New Strength, New Victory), fits because they are always ready to conquer any territory.

Other: TAFE tractors, called after the signature brand, are both powerful and appealing, a rare combination. Not only are TAFE tractor models popular in India, but these brand tractors also have a major global presence.

Popular Tafe tractors Models & Prices in India:

There are the top four TAFE tractor types that everyone adores and craves.

  • Massey Ferguson 1035 DI Maha Shakti - The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI Maha Shakti, the finest tractor from the house of excellent agricultural vehicle makers, Massey Ferguson Tractor, is ranked first on our list. It has a 2400 cc water-cooled engine with 39 HP and 3 cylinders for incredible fuel-holding ability. The loader has 10 gears (8 F and 2 R) and sliding mesh gearboxes. The price per lakh varies between Rs. 5,40,000 and Rs. 5,80,000.
  • Massey Ferguson Tafe 241 DI - The most famous model of the TAFE tractor series is the Massey Ferguson TAFE 241 DI. The price range for the Massey 241 price is Rs. 5,75,000-Rs. 6,40,000 lakh*.
  • Tafe 7502 DI 4WD - The Tafe 7502 DI 4WD comes with 71 HP and can generate 2200 RPM. This tractor has four engines and a displacement of 4000 cubic centimetres. It is also accessible with additional benefits such as accessories. This tractor is also offered with a dual-clutch transmission. Tafe tractor versions have 11.4 X 24 mm front and 16.9 X 30 mm rear tyres. The overall weight is 3130 kgs.
  • Tafe 5900 DI 2WD - The Tafe 5900 DI tractor has 56 horsepower. Tafe 5900 DI has a maximum speed of 2300 RPM. It has a lifting capability of 2050 kg. The Tafe 5900 DI tractor has a wet style air filter. Tafe 5900 DI has a length of 3600 mm and a breadth of 1865 mm.

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