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Preet Tractor Price list in India, Features, and Specification 2023

The company is well-known in the market for producing efficient and low-maintenance tractors ranging from 25 to 100 horsepower. Preet tractor prices in India begins at Rs.3.90 Lakh. The most costly Preet tractor is the Preet 9049 AC - 4WD, which costs between Rs. 20.20 and Rs. 22.10 Lakh. Preet tractor price in India is quite reasonable, having been determined with the requirements and budgets of Indian farmers in mind. This popular tractor brand provides 2WD, 4WD, and AC cabin tractors to suit the needs of various market buyers.

Preet tractors is a customer-focused business that has received several National awards from India's President. This well-known brand is currently a prominent producer and manufacturer of high-quality 25 to 100-hp farming tractors. The brand is well-known for its bodyline and fashion statement, making it a leader in the Asian Combine Harvester market. Its AGRITRAC series tractors with 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive and AC cabin choices are well-liked in the market. The series, with its entirely new colour theme, new and improved design, and features, is ideal for the farming community.

Preet tractors are well-known throughout India for their cutting-edge technology and heavy-duty tractors. In 1985, it introduced the first Combine Harvester, which quickly became popular across the country. With this reach and the growing demand for agricultural mechanisation in India, Preet Agro Limited introduced its first tractor, the Preet 987, in 1986. This tractor was a huge hit due to its fuel-efficient engine and heavy-duty construction. The Preet tractor group currently controls two brands: Preet Agro Limited, which specialises in combine harvesters, and Preet Tractors Limited, which specialises in tractors. Apart from India, Preet has established a presence in over 120 nations and has a global dealership network of over 350 dealers.

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Popular Preet Tractor -

  • Preet 6049 2WD/ 4WD
  • Preet 4049 2WD/ 4WD
  • Preet 955 2WD
  • Preet 4549 2WD/ 4WD
  • Preet 3049 4WD/ 2WD
  • Preet 2549 4WD
  • Preet 10049 4WD
  • Preet 6549 4WD/ 2WD

Features Preet Tractor -

  1. Brand Manufactured in India
  2. 40+ years of success
  3. Engines that are both fuel efficient and strong
  4. Tractors and combine harvesters are available.
  5. tractor versions with low maintenance costs
  6. Provides the AC cabin truck that is fuel-efficient.
  7. manufactured cutting-edge technology at an affordable price

Preet Tractors HP Range:-

Preet Tractors under 21 HP to 30 HP:-The Preet 21 HP to 30 HP tractors are priced between 3.75 lakhs and 4.15 lakhs. The Preet 2549 4WD tractor is the best Preet 25 HP tractor because it is extremely fuel efficient and has a heavy-duty structure. The tractor has two attached cylinders and a lifting capability of 1000 kg.

Preet Tractors under 31 HP to 40 HP:- Preet's 31 hp - 40 hp tractor range makes chores simple while staying within budget. The Preet 3049 2WD tractor is the best Preet 35 HP tractor because it has a 3-point linkage Category- II system for attaching different implements as well as a combination of constant and sliding mesh type transmission. This Preet tractor Price is reasonable, with a 2892 cc engine and 8 forward and 2 backward gears.

Preet Tractors under 41 HP to 50 HP:- This Preet 41 hp to 50 hp tractor has more features and sophisticated construction. The best Preet 45 HP tractor is the Preet 4549 4WD tractor, which has a large fuel tank store capacity of 67 litres, 3 engine attached cylinders with high lifting capacity, and a price range of 5.95 lacs* to 7.65 lacs*.

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