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Powertrac Euro 50 Price, Benefits, Specification, and Features 2023

Powertrac Euro 50 has all of the specifications and features of a high-end tractor in its price category in India. This tractor has HP in terms of power and capacity to operate with implements. It removes the need for the majority of the electricity required to run machinery such as a plough, cultivator, and so on. The weight of the powertrac euro 50 is 2000 kg, and the lifting capability is also adequate and satisfies regulations. The Powertrac Euro 50 is appropriate for both farming and non-agricultural activities.

Powertrac Tractor is used in farming duties such as rotavator, cultivator, spraying, hauling, seeding, harvesting, threshing, and across many various commodities such as maize, grapes, groundnuts, cotton, castor, and many others to satisfy all of the farmer's practical requirements.

Powertrac Euro 50 Features -

Powertrac Euro 50 is a tractor model manufactured by Escorts Limited, an Indian engineering company. The tractor is designed to cater to the needs of farmers and other agriculture-related activities. Here is an overview of the tractor:

  • Engine: The Powertrac Euro 50 tractor comes with a 3-cylinder, 50 HP engine, which is powerful and fuel-efficient. The engine is BS-IV compliant, which means it meets the latest emission norms.
  • Transmission: The tractor has an 8+2 constant mesh gearbox with a synchromesh transmission system. This helps in smooth gear shifting and reduces driver fatigue.
  • Hydraulics: The tractor has a powerful hydraulic system with a lifting capacity of 2000 kg, which allows farmers to operate heavy implements with ease.
  • PTO: The tractor has a 540 PTO speed with a reverse PTO option, which enables it to perform a wide range of farming activities.
  • Fuel tank: The tractor has a 60-liter fuel tank, which provides sufficient fuel capacity for long hours of farming operations.
  • Comfort and safety: The Powertrac Euro 50 tractor has a comfortable seat, power steering, and an adjustable steering column, which makes it easy to drive. It also has a robust braking system, which ensures safety during farming operations.

Overall, the Powertrac Euro 50 is a reliable and efficient tractor that is suitable for a wide range of farming applications. It is designed to meet the needs of modern farmers who require high-performance machinery to increase their productivity.

Powertrac Euro 50 Benefits -

Powertrac Euro 50 is a tractor model manufactured by Escorts Limited, an Indian agricultural equipment company. Here are some of the benefits of using Powertrac Euro 50:

  1. High performance: Powertrac Euro 50 comes with a powerful engine that can deliver high torque and power, making it suitable for a variety of farming applications.
  2. Fuel efficiency: The tractor is designed to be fuel-efficient, which can help reduce your overall operating costs.
  3. Comfortable: The tractor features a comfortable operator seat, power steering, and an ergonomic design, which helps reduce operator fatigue during long hours of operation.
  4. Low maintenance: Powertrac Euro 50 is designed to require minimal maintenance, which can save you time and money in the long run.
  5. Versatile: This tractor is suitable for a wide range of farming applications, including cultivation, harvesting, and transportation.
  6. Good resale value: Powertrac Euro 50 has a good resale value, which means you can get a good price if you decide to sell it in the future.
  7. Overall, Powertrac Euro 50 is a reliable and efficient tractor that can help you increase productivity on your farm.

Powertrac Euro 50 Price:-

The Powertrac Euro 50 Price ranges between Rs. 6.20 lakhs* and Rs. 7.30 lakhs*.

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