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Powertrac 439 Plus Price, Features, Specification, & Benefits 2023

It keeps tractors in good condition and is the best option for use by farmers and other users because of its superb features, high quality, and reasonable price. The business always offers tractors in accordance with the options, qualities, and best prices available, making them suitable and easily fitting into everyone's budget. The fuel-efficient engine that powers this Powertrac tractor in India is suitable for use across a wide range of uses. You can easily complete all of your tasks with the assistance of the 4-wheel drive on the Powertrac 439 Plus tractor. Additionally, these machines are used to cultivate a variety of crops, including cotton, sugarcane, vineyards, and orchards. The tractor's extremely effective transmission guarantees increased PTO power for better performance with rotary implements. Hopefully, the Powertrac 439 Plus tractor in India in 2023 will still have excellent functionalities.

It has three cylinders and 41 horsepower. Powertrac's 439 engine capacity offers effective service mileage. The best tractor offers a high level of job efficiency. A great tractor with improved functioning, the Powertrac tractor 439 is designed for long-duration tasks. For hard-working Indian cultivators, this tractor also has a powerful engine. The tractor has enough engines to be a useful tractor. Additionally, the tractor model provides the finest fusion of cleaning and coolant technology. As a result, the Powertrac 439 model handles all the difficult and rigid farming and business chores with ease.

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Powertrac 439 Features -

Powertrac 439 DS is a tractor model manufactured by Powertrac, which is a brand owned by Escorts Limited, a leading engineering company in India.

  • The Powertrac 439 DS tractor comes with a 3-cylinder, 41 HP diesel engine, which is capable of delivering a maximum torque of 150 Nm. It has a 12+3 constant mesh transmission system with a synchromesh gearbox that enables smooth gear shifting.
  • The tractor also features power steering, which ensures easy maneuverability and reduces driver fatigue. It has a lifting capacity of 1800 kg and comes with a 540/1000 PTO speed.
  • The Powertrac 439 DS tractor has a wheelbase of 2050 mm and a ground clearance of 400 mm. It also features a dual-clutch system, which allows the operator to engage and disengage the clutch without stopping the tractor.
  • Overall, the Powertrac 439 DS is a versatile tractor that is suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications, including plowing, cultivation, harvesting, and transportation.

Powertrac 439 tractor Price -

In India in 2023, the Powertrac 439 Price tractor starts from 5.30 Lac. The tractor's price is more dependent on its astounding features and specs. As a result, the tractor continues to be in great demand. The tractor with the highest profits is the Powertrac 439 Plus, which is guaranteed and requires less upkeep. The cost of the Powertrac 439 Plus tractor in 2021 was also determined with consideration for the financial capabilities of poor and small farmers. It, therefore, possesses all the characteristics and capabilities of organized tractors. The Powertrac 439 Plus tractor has a reasonable price and is simple to buy.

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