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New Holland 3600 Price, Benefits, Specification, and Features 2023

The New Holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition tractor is the company's premier model. In India, New Holland has established a market base through exceptional products in commercial vehicles and tractors. New Holland is well-known for its high-value vehicles and after-sales service. Since its beginning, New Holland has had the goal of producing low-cost, high-quality tractors for the Indian market. The New Holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition tractor is one of the best-selling models in the category. Farmers prefer it because it is one of the most cost-effective machines. The New Holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition is priced between Rs. 6.50 Lakhs and Rs. 6.85 Lakhs. Because of its universal attachment capabilities, this tractor is regarded as the finest tractor for agriculture. This allows you to connect various implements such as a rotavator, cultivator, trailer, seed drill, and so on.

The New Holland 3600 Heritage Edition is a stylish tractor with all the necessary high-performance equipment. The tractor is in high demand, and Indian farmers embraced this innovation. It has a ton of high-quality features that are simple to use. Following all necessary testing for the farmers' protection and convenience, the business released this tractor. Additionally, the New Holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition in India operates effectively and offers high output in all areas. It has a lovely appearance that appeals to every modern farmer. In addition to all of these features, the tractor is inexpensively priced, which is another reason farmers adore it.

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New Holland 3600 Features -

  • The double-clutch in the New Holland tractor 3600 allows for effortless speed changes and enhanced efficiency.
  • Both manual and electric steering are offered. So, secure the one you desire.
  • Oil-immersed brakes on the New Holland 3600 Tx tractor offer minimal slipping and superior traction.
  • The 1800 kg lifting capability of this tractor is more than enough to raise the equipment used for driving.
  • The gasoline volume of the 3600 New Holland tractor is 46 liters. As a result, you won't need to replenish as frequently.
  • Both on the road and in the countryside, it has excellent fuel efficiency.
  • The New Holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition's transmission in India has 8 forward and 2 reverse ratios, allowing for velocities of 33 kmph forward and 11 kmph backward.
  • It has a 6-spline Power Take-Off with 540 PTO rotations per minute and 43 PTO horsepower.
  • With a double hydraulic valve, the New Holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition tractor with 47 horsepower can operate tools like a leveler, rotating plough, laser, and others.
  • Both a 2-wheel drive and a 4-wheel drive version are available from the business. The back tires are 14.9 x 28/ 16.9 x 28, while the front tires are 6.5 x 16/7.5 x 16.
  • The cost of the New Holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition tractor is reasonable for farms despite its impressive specs.

What is the Price of the New Holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition tractor?

The cost of the new holland 3600-2 price ranges between Rs. 6.95 lakh and Rs. 7.59 lac*. Additionally, the tractor has a dry cleaner to maintain the cleanliness and cooling of its interior components and engine. this tractor's PTO will have 43 horsepower, which will be more than enough to maintain any connected tools. As a result, this tractor's price is maintained in line with its features and capabilities.

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